Gregg Winkler has a master's degree in English, which he uses to cover a hole in his bedroom wall. When not writing reviews for Rambles.NET, Gregg works as an educational counselor for a university in northeast Oklahoma and teaches the occasional composition course. Gregg is also an accomplished whistler and hopes to one day do so professionally.

Reviews by Gregg include:

Richard Chizmar, editor
Trick or Treat: A Collection of Halloween Novellas

Brian Freeman
Blue November Storms

Brian Joseph
The Gift of Gabe

Edmund M. Kern
The Wisdom of Harry Potter: What Our Favorite Hero Teaches Us about Moral Choices

Julian Mahikan

Matthew Pearl
The Dante Club

Regis Schilken
The Oculi Incident

Mark Seinfelt
Final Drafts: Suicides of World Famous Authors

Steven E. Wedel

Mark West
Strange Tales

Cry Wolf