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There is a talented bunch of writers whose words appear at Rambles.NET, and here is a peek at the people behind the opinions. Each page includes a complete index of the reviews and interviews that person has written and, in some cases, a brief biography and photo. No one writes under more than one name (so as not to artificially inflate the size of our staff). We hope you enjoy getting to know us!

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We are the laughter in the woods!

Welcome to our staff page, where you can meet and greet the people who make Rambles.NET possible. Active reviewers are listed above; those who briefly visited, wrote a bit and wandered away are below. All are assigned a colored badge and "tree" designation (it's too cute for words, I know) to provide recognition to our most frequent contributors and senior staff members.

 Wee Acorn (1-10)

 Feisty Shrub (11-25)

 Bold Sapling (26-100)

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Majestic Maple (251-999) 

Mighty Oak (1,000 or more) 

Former Rambles.NET contributors

We've been sharing our thoughts with the interwebs since 1999, and we've encountered hundreds of wordsmiths along the way.
Some were here for a while, and some dallied for just a short span of time before wandering onward.
Many would be welcomed back, if their paths rambled this way again.

Would you like to join our ranks? New writers are always welcome!

 Keith Abbott
 Stefan Abley
 Mark Allen
 Janet Anderson
 Thomas Ardizzone
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 Dorothy Auyong
 Elizabeth Badurina
 Jena Ball
 Alanna Berger
 Ron Bierman
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 Robin Brenner
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 Susannah Carey
 April Chase
 Beth Chaunce
 Maria Cherry
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 Stan Cocheo
 Richard Cochrane
 Henry Cohen
 James Collins
 Michael Collins
 Lisa Comento
 David Connor
 Brenda Cook
 Gary Cramer
 John Cross
 Jim Curtiss
 Ailbhe Darcy
 Steve Davies
 Paul de Bruijn
 Naomi de Bruyn
 Katie De Jong
 Elizabeth Delaquess
 Bree Delian
 Patrick Derksen
 Beth Derochea
 Theo deRoth
 Ralph DiGennaro
 Wren Dillon
 Tammy Dotts
 Pamela L. Dow
 Kristen Druse
 Gwennevere Dudley
 Risa Duff
 Louise Dunphy
 Jane Eamon

 Molly Ebert
 Ester Eggert
 Alicia Karen Elkins
 Cherise Everhard
 Benet Exton
 Philip Fairbanks
 Jade Falcon
 Ken Fasimpaur
 Valerie Fasimpaur
 Dana Fletcher
 Dan Ford
 Valerie Frankel
 Bryan Frantz
 Sherrill Fulghum
 Mark E. Gallo
 Michael Gasser
 Stephanie Giamundo
 Fern Gilkerson
 Michael L. Gooch
 Adolf Goriup
 Stephany D. Gormley
 Heather Gregg
 Kaitlin Hahn
 Jennifer Hanson
 Amy Harlib
 Peter D. Harris
 Gilbert Head
 J. Higgins-Rosebrook
 Dale Hill
 Robin Hoffman
 Jerry Holland Jr.
 Dave Howell
 Eric Hughes
 Charlie Irons
 Paulette Isaacs
 Jenny Ivor
 Rachel Jagt
 Charissa Jelliff
 Daniel Jolley
 Jennifer Judice
 Andy Jurgis
 Erin Kalbarczyk
 Melissa Kashner
 William Kates
 Timothy Keene
 Fred Keller
 Carool Kersten
 Katie Knapp
 Linda M. Knudsen
 Crystal Kocher
 Jen Kopf
 Debbie Koritsas
 Melissa Kowalewski
 Judy Krueger
 Tom Kupiszewski
 Greg Laber
 Ronnie D. Lankford Jr.
 Ben Latimer
 Melinda Lau
 Susanna Lee
 Heather Lewin-Tiarks
 Jean Lewis
 Judy Lind

 Adam Lipkin
 Dirk Logemann
 Michael Lohr
 Jessica Lux-Baumann
 DeborahAnne MacGillivray
 Virginia MacIsaac
 Bob MacKenzie
 Joyce MacPhee
 Gianmarc Manzione
 Jean Marchand
 Jan Marica
 Kimberley Marie
 Elizabeth Marks
 Bethany Mathany
 Chris McCallister
 Kevin McCarthy
 Bill McCloud
 Carole McDonnell
 Joy McKay
 Sarah Meador
 Felonice Merriman
 Liana Metal
 Celeste Miller
 Jennifer Mo
 Nita Moore
 Andrew Morris
 Carie Morrison
 Jo Morrison
 Wayne Morrison
 Sheree Morrow
 Jason Mundok
 Jack Myers
 Helene Northway
 Jamie O'Brien
 Kim O'Brien
 Conor O'Connor
 Miles O'Dometer
 Paddy O'Furniture
 Tim O'Laughlin
 Gloria Oliver
 Emily O'Neil
 Gwen Orel
 Ryan O'Sullivan
 T.E. (Bob) O'Sullivan
 Jo Overfield
 Wil Owen
 Sophie Parkes
 Heath Talowin Pfaff
 Augustina Poirier
 Jean Emma Price
 Scott Promish
 Kyra Quinn
 Erika S. Rabideau
 Daniel Berlanga Ramos
 Joyce Rankin

 Ellen Rawson
 Tim Readman
 Lynne Remick
 Ziya Reynolds
 Charlie Ricci
 Stephen Richmond
 Jaeza Riley
 Sean Roach
 Rachael Rodgers
 Debbie Gayle Rose
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 David Roy
 Jennifer St. Clair
 Daina Savage
 Donna Scanlon
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 Tom Schulte
 Danny Schwartz
 Barbara Bamberger Scott
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 Robert M. Tilendis
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 Tim Truman
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 Nicole van Zanten
 John Varner
 Tracie Vida
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 Edward Whitelock
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