Joan Upton Hall,
Arturo el Rey
(Zumaya, 2005)

King Arthur promised he would return when the world most needed him. But how bad does it have to get for him to fulfill his promise?

Arturo has been suffering from strange dreams, dreams of King Arthur and Camelot. They've become especially strong after a virus ravages the States and has brought humanity and civilization to the brink of extinction. Chaos rules, and people become little more than animals.

Is there something he can do to try to stop this slide into barbarism and restore some order to the world?

Arturo el Rey is rich in detail, thought and research. The characters come alive on the page and the plight of the survivors becomes your own. Set mostly in Texas, there are plenty of other sites that are easily recognizable. Arturo's and Shanna's love comes across as more hormonal than heartfelt, but otherwise this novel by Joan Upton Hall is a wonderful story of battle, survival, betrayal and -- hopefully -- lessons learned. I'm looking forward to the sequel and New Camelot's continuing progress.

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review by
Gloria Oliver

26 January 2008

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