Tate Hallaway,
Dead Sexy
(Berkley, 2007)

One year ago Garnet Lacey's inner goddess, Lilith, murdered a group of Vatican witch hunters after discovering they had killed her entire coven. With the help of her vampire ex-boyfriend, Parrish, she buried the bodies. Now, with some unforeseen weather issues, the bodies have resurfaced. Garnet's past is catching up to her, and leading the way is good-looking psychic FBI agent, Dominguez. He has come to Madison, Wisconsin, to investigate the recently discovered bodies.

Garnet has her hands full in this, the second book of the series by Tate Hallaway. Along with dealing with the FBI and trying to beat a murder rap, she has some conflict and issues with her current vampire boyfriend, Sebastian; one of those issues, of course, includes her persistent ex-boyfriend, Parrish. Garnet has also discovered that the town is crawling with zombies carrying and using really old money.

I wasn't that crazy about the zombie portion of this story, as it seemed a little far-fetched to me (yeah, I know this is a vampire book!) and I had a really hard time buying into it. Otherwise, I think Hallaway really wrote a tale with a lot of feeling this time around. There is so much going on between Garnet, Sebastian, Parrish and Dominguez, emotionally, and she writes it beautifully on each page. Garnet must come to terms with and say goodbye to her past and there are several heartfelt moments that made me a little weepy.

This was an excellent followup to the first book. I really enjoyed Dead Sexy and it was a hard book to set down. The ending is a bit of a cliffhanger, leaving me hoping Hallaway is a fast writer and will be coming out with the third book -- soon.

review by
Cherise Everhard

1 September 2007

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