Ingrid Heldt,
Love Matters
(Hilda's House, 2002)

Ingrid Heldt has a clear, crystal voice that gives her songs an entrancing beauty. All of the tracks on this album are written or co-written by Heldt and have a feeling of songs written from the heart.

"Dancing Away from Me" is a beautiful sad song of a woman knowing that she is losing her lover. She recalls that old chestnut when we say each is free to choose but when breaking up comes we realise we never meant those words.

"Only a Phone Call Away" is another excellent song encapsulating feelings that all of us have experienced at some time in life. How many of us saying goodbye to relatives, family or friends have used that line to reassure them and us that we are never too far away if we find the need to reconnect?

"Ticket to Knoxville" is a story about her discovery of a long lost aunt. Unfortunately, she did not visit until it was too late. "Don't Give Up on Love" sounds almost too personal to share; maybe I read too much into the lyrics, but it sounds so heart-baring that it touched me deeply.

"Too Soon" sounds almost like hymn and I suppose given the subject matter, written for a friend who died, it could well be. The production truly suits the song and it is one of those songs that can raise hairs on the back of your neck.

Another song from the writer's heart is "Love Matters," a tribute to those mothers, fathers, teachers and friends who work so hard to make a difference to other people's lives. As she says, it can only be done for love not any other reward.

This is a very personal collection of songs that tell us a lot about the writer, her friends, her world and her feelings. Heldt sings them with real feeling and they deserve a wider audience.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 3 May 2003