Bruce A. Henry,
(BahLove, 2003)

Bruce A. Henry -- composer, lyricist and singer -- has released a great album called Connections. He's working with some of the best musicians from the land of Lakes, Minnesota, interpreting self-crafted songs as well as compositions from some of the most important jazz composers of all time.

The album starts with "Equinox," a wonderful song by the duo Gil Scott Heron and John Coltrane. This is certainly my favourite song with brilliant bass lines, terrific saxophone solos, excellent keys and breathtaking drums. Henry's singing matches perfect with the musicians and I've rarely heard such a beautiful interpretation of Coltrane's free jazz. Another highlight is the bluesy "House of the Rising Sun," a perfect showcase for Henry's accomplished voice.

The rest of the CD is more quiet and melodic. Compositions by Duke Ellington and Freddie Hubbard are followed by Henry's own compositions, which are, in my opinion, sometimes too soft. When it comes to jazz I prefer passionate and rhythmic tunes to chill-out songs. Nevertheless, Henry is a wonderful singer and with the help of these first-class musicians he has produced a great album.

by Adolf Goriup
31 March 2007

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