Jay Whelan is a multifarious individual living in New York, attempting to make his mark as a writer. He is 40, husband to a beautiful woman and father to a beautiful boy, said beauty owing more to the mother than to the father -- at least to hear Jay's friends tell it. They may be a bit biased. Come to think of it, so may he.

At various times Jay has been an author, an actor, a poet, a bad musician, a passable lyricist, a competent songwriter, a singer of note (he only knew the one note so he kept singing it until they told him to stop), a demon in the kitchen, an angel in the outfield and a student of film, music, theater and just about anything else that crossed his path -- including the caterpillars. He reviewed on Amazon.com for several years until his pursuits took him elsewhere. Now he's been bitten by the critical bug again and will be submitting reviews to Rambles.NET while working on his own writing projects in what little spare time he has.

Aside from writing several dozen Amazon reviews (including several "spotlight" featured reviews), Jay's fiction work has appeared online in a round-robin story-writing project on Tumblr called "Too Many Cooks," which can be found here. He contributed to the first two story cycles and to part of a third before medical issues forced him to withdraw. Jay is currently at work on one novel and plotting two more. More on this as circumstances warrant.

Reviews by Jay include:

Miles Davis
Birth of the Cool

Dean Station
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Jane Fallon
Gemini Rising in a Patchwork Sky

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Sultans of String
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David Almond
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Greg Bear
Darwin's Radio

David Brin
The Uplift Saga #1: Sundiver
The Uplift Saga #2: Startide Rising
The Uplift Saga #3: The Uplift War

Daryl Gregory

Carolyn Kephart

Stephen King
The Dark Tower #4: Wizard & Glass
The Dead Zone
The Stand

Stephen King & Peter Straub
Black House
The Talisman

Tim Powers
The Anubis Gates

Anne Rice
Memnoch the Devil

Peter Straub

All Star Superman, Vol. 1 & 2


Bob Dylan: Don't Look Back



A Hard Day's Night


Monty Python & the Meaning of Life