Kevin Kane,
Blind Man
(Round, 2003)

Kevin Kane's Blind Man has some great writing and performing, but I fear it may prove hard to obtain.

The title track is a marvelous introduction to a good writer. "Kiss My Wife" is another song taken from real life -- no drama, no epics, just love recounted in simple lyrics over a hummable tune.

"The Man With Three Wives" is an intriguing song of the Wild West that bears close listening. There are echoes of Willie Nelson in the writing and delivery. The trumpet adds an eerie feel to the track. Kane tells another simple love story in just two minutes on "Love Me Tonight."

Guess what a song called "Forty Cents and Flashlight" could be about. You will need to seek out the album to find out.

With excellent tracks like "Reflections of My Life" and "Waiting for the Light," this album would benefit greatly from a lyrics insert to allow us to follow the tales being told. Kane is a wonderful singer and lyricist, but we need more information and background to fully appreciate the material on offer here.

Having said that, I recommend anyone who loves good writing and performing to check it out -- difficult as that might prove.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 27 August 2005

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