Mary Kaye,
Spin Your Web
(self-produced, 2006)

I may be a little bit outside the age range targeted by this album, but I must admit I found it fascinating nonetheless.

Mary Kaye works in theatre, music and education and uses her talents to write for that most discerning of audiences -- children. She has won numerous awards for earlier works, and this CD continues to shine.

Leave aside your inhibitions and delve into the tracks on offer even if you do not have toddlers in the house. Relive those early years as she reminds us of the animals or simple days when we tried to catch our shadows. At a party, why not put "Pig Party" on the player and see how your guests react -- you could start a trend.

The more you listen to the tracks, the more they grow on you.

If you work with children or have young relatives visiting, this is a great investment.

by Nicky Rossiter
3 February 2007

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