Alicia Keister,
(More to Say, 2007)

Here is another wonderful new talent laying out her stall and inviting you in. Are you going to leap in and experience a set of new and exciting songs from this young talent, or will you wait around for the next CD from a rich and tired well-known singer?

The temptation is to buy the tried and tested, but have you ever wondered why? Perhaps it's because you know what you will get -- but is that why you should buy music?

Keister has lots to offer. From the slow and soulful to the lightly rocking Americana style of "Maybe," she will delight the ear on Heartwood.

The lovely seventh track invites you to "Open Your Heart." "I Have You" is one of my favourites. There is no profound message, just simple words, a simple beat and backing, but it comes from her heart to ours.

This is a little treasure worth digging for.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

9 January 2009

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