Alan & John Kelly,
(Compass, 2002)

This is Irish traditional music played pure and sweet on piano accordion, flute and whistle. It is not studio-enhanced or complete with video footage. It is music from the heart, through the fingers to your heart.

Fourmilehouse is not likely to be play listed by mainstream radio shows and so will not have many number one hit singles taken from it. But this is an album for people who like real music played by people who love real traditional tunes.

The album features the usual range of jigs, reels and slow airs. Some will be well-known to even the casual listeners, while others are new compositions or adaptations of lesser-known pieces. A favourite of mine here is "The Parting Glass/The Duke of Leinster," a combination of a slow air and a slow reel. I also enjoyed "The Mountain Ranger" and "The Palm Tree."

Alan and John Kelly hail from a strong Roscommon tradition of fine playing and their commitment to the music shines through. This CD will delight the players of fine Irish music but those of us who just sit and listen will also enjoy it.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 21 December 2002

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