Kilmarnock Edition,
Pay It Forward
(Greentrax, 2012)

The rather unusual name of this group comes from a volume of the works of Robert Burns, but despite what that might indicate, this is not an album of Burns songs. In fact, he does not appear at all.

The tracks are all originals and give the listener a wonderful collection of varying styles, genres and great sounds. Even the languages vary to great effect.

The title track, "Pay It Forward," does have a sort of Burnsy sound and maybe a hint of "I'll Tell Me Ma" with lyrics contributed by the band members. "Sunshine" opens with a very sunny brass intro and proceeds with a pop sound reminding one of the summer hits of times gone by.

The words and music of Lisa Rigby give us a more folk-style offering on "Women o' the Earth," which is a delight to hear. Roberto Cassani provides us with a lovely song called "How Can We Live?" Anyone listening carefully will find a sort of short story in song about love, marriage and disillusionment with a lot of humour in the lyrics and performance. "Isabella" is a song inspired by a story in an old book about the old sailing ships. It is a wonderfully simple song, beautifully performed.

The CD is made of new material and as such it needs a certain leap of faith for those not familiar with the group. I for one was delighted that I took that plunge and found a refreshing mix of music, production and performance.

music review by
Nicky Rossiter

25 August 2012

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