Sally O. Lee,
The Rabbit & the Snowman
(BookSurge, 2008)

This is a children's book, aimed at ages 4 through 8. It is a simple tale, with colorful illustrations that are perfect for younger children, as they are rich, yet not too complex or confusing at all.

A group of children build a snowman in the woods, then move on to other things. The snowman wonders why he has been abandoned. A rabbit hops by, and befriends the snowman. Spring comes, and the rabbit wonders why his friend abandoned him. But, winter comes again, and the story goes on ... in a very touching manner.

The book is predominantly illustrations, with accompanying text. I think it would make a great read-to and read-along book. I can also imagine children not wanting to let it go, long after they have outgrown the reading level. Because of the underlying theme of the durability of friendship, despite occasional absences, this book would fit very well for children who are a bit sad about stopping their first year of pre-school, kindergarten or first grade because of losing contact with their friends at school.

I found no weaknesses in this book and recommend it without reservation.

review by
Chris McCallister

9 May 2009

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