Jenn Lindsay,
Uphill Both Ways
(No Evil Star, 2006)

Here we are in urban folk mode. Jenn Lindsay sings songs that reflect the modern city life on Uphill Both Ways.

Her childlike voice on the wonderfully titled opening track will enchant the casual listener and make you stay for the full performance. "Brain" is a strong song that will make you think as well as listen. (It might gain from having the lyrics included on the insert.)

One of the best songs on offer on the album has to be "Belong Alone." It has a great tune allied to well thought-out lyrics and is delivered to perfection. "Memphis" is another contender for best song of the album, with a strong beat that will have your fingers drumming along.

For social comment attached to a familiar tune, you will not beat "House in New Orleans." This is the tale of the tragedy of that city when nature struck in the form of a flood and man failed in his duty of care, resulting in untold and unnecessary suffering. Lindsay has put it into a tale less than three minutes long but of lasting effect. Lindsay is at her best when she confronts the reality of life, and she does this again on "Christmas Song Part 2."

All too often singers like this are sidelined because the powers that be are rarely comfortable with social comment expressed in mass media. This album has a number of tracks that need and deserve wider audiences.

by Nicky Rossiter
3 March 2007

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