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Before sharing more cultural arts links with you, we'd like to pause and urge you to support these worthy efforts. All are good causes, and all are perfectly free -- it takes just a few seconds each day to do some good for the world!

Just follow the links and follow one simple instruction -- click on a button -- and the charity receives money from advertisers who are willing to pay just because you saw their ads. Cool, eh? You can visit each site once per day ... please make it a habit!

The Rainforest Site: A click a day provides funds to buy land in our rapidly disappearing rainforests, to preserve this valuable, life-giving resource from vanishing entirely from the Earth. So punch the button and we'll breathe a little more oxygen in our air tomorrow. (If you get pesky pop-up ads, click here to make them go away.)
Ecology Fund: This site allows you to support several environmental causes en masse. If you visit only one site, make it this one; they preserve more acreage than the others I've seen, and the benefits are spread 'round the world!
Race for the Oceans: This site strives to protect the oceans -- a vital part of the environment which is being rapidly depleted. Also check out the partner links to Race for the Rainforest, to slow rainforest depletion, and Race for the Big Cats, to protect areas supporting endangered tigers, jaguars and snow leopards.
The Quick Donations site provides a list of numerous click-and-give charities, where the seconds it takes you to click your mouse and load a page can funnel money to a wide variety of good causes.

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