Jeremy McGuire,
O'Shaughnessey: A Boy & His Leprechaun
(Outskirts, 2007)

Bobby Mahoney wakes from a nightmare only to see a leprechaun named O'Shaughnessey perched on his bedpost. Not quite sure of his eyes, he remains silent and still until his mother calls him for breakfast. Later, when he sees the leprechaun again, Bobby believes his eyes and begins to talk with the little fellow.

At age 7, Bobby's life is fairly typical. He has a little sister who annoys him and he longs for more time with his dad now that his parents are divorced. But when his sister falls ill, Bobby is determined to save her -- with a little help from the leprechauns and other fairy folk.

At the beginning of this children's tale the author states it is meant to be read aloud in the tradition of the Seanachai (Irish storytellers), and I couldn't agree more. The style of writing is a narrative that begs for a voice and an audience. I read it over the course of a couple of nights to my son, who is 5, and it was something he looked forward to each night.

There are a few "big words" I think would be lost on most children, but in my case I explained what they meant to my son and continue on. I plan on passing this book on to my 10-year-old niece with instructions that my sister read it with her; I think it's a charming tale that should be shared.

In my house believing in the fey is practically a requirement, and this story was a fun addition to the tales that already fill our walls. The drawings that accompany the story are detail-rich and delightful, and they really help bring this story to life. O'Shaughnessey is a magical mix of the real and fanciful, blended together to make the perfect storytime tale.

by Cherise Everhard
9 August 2008

Jeremy McGuire is a playwright, and O'Shaughnessey: A Boy & His Leprechaun is his first work of narrative fiction. He has also created all the drawings in this book, as his second passion is art.

This kids' book is a magnificent story about a boy, Bobby, who, one day finds a leprechaun on his bedpost. The adventure that follows involves magic and the story is woven between both the real and the unreal realms, showing how a little boy can get influenced by his own experiences of his parents' divorce and other family problems.

The story has a strong plot full of twists and magic every child loves, and the main character of the story, Bobby, is a truthful protagonist that kids can easily identify with. The writing style is simple and clear for kids to read and, as the author says, this book is intended to be read aloud.

Even better, the drawings inside this book are wonderful! McGuire uses pen and ink to create illustrations that remind me of those found in old classic children's books. He is an excellent artist by all means! Besides, drawings make the story livelier and feed the imagination of the reader.

The author knows well how to attract a reader's attention and tell a beautiful story that will keep a kid interested and happy to the very end.

by Liana Metal
9 August 2008

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