Miller Brothers Band,
Tales from Foundry Town
(Foundry Town, 2005)

The Miller Brothers Band brings us the raw sounds and emotions of the "blue collar" belt, not just of America but of any country in the world. They are a natural progression from early Springsteen, when singing about everyday life of the working class to a belting rock beat became cool. The band -- not all of them are Millers -- bring us face to face with life as it is lived by the majority of people but they do it with musical class.

This is in every way the sound of the street, as exemplified by "Alabama Key," written about family tradition. "Wolf at Your Door" is a strong song with resonances in all too many lives as we try to make ends meet while others have plenty -- and not necessarily by working for it.

That wolf at the door can all too often result in people losing all that they hold dear, and the track "Ghost on a Roll" brings this aspect of modern life into sharp focus. It is my favourite track on the album.

This is a powerful album of strong songs that appear to be heartfelt and all the more moving because of this.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

14 July 2007

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