Lisa Morton,
(JournalStone, 2014)

The novel Netherworld is by all accounts interesting and entertaining. Lisa Morton introduces a world beyond that's inconceivable to the naked eye. The light of day depicts sunshine and lollipops, while the nightfall produces evil spirits that her main character Diana Furnaval is committed to destroying.

Diana has in her possession a book by Dr. Martyn Fox revealing all the evil gateways that must be shut down and what it will take to do so. Clearly Diana is brave, or just plain nuts, because it's inconceivable to think a woman would take on such a dangerous mission. She's almost completed closing off the last of the gateways but it hasn't been without coming face to face with demons so horrendous that the weak would gladly succumb.

As dangerously close as Diana has come to putting her life on the line when she's shut down gateways can't compare to the unknown ones she discovers exist that are possibly holding her husband William, whom she thought was dead and buried -- only to find out that he might be very much alive and being held captive in a gateway.

Diana goes against sound advice asking her not to pursue her unwavering commitment to find William. She's warned that what she's thinking about doing is literally impossible because the gateway that may be holding him is not going to just hand him over to her. She's well aware of all the dangers ahead of her, but it's a chance she's willing to take.

As the old saying goes: Don't bite off more than you can chew. This certainly applies to this story because Morton did a brilliant job making her audience see every gory detail Diana encounters while searching for the gateway she hopes will set her beloved William free.

This novel is a very good read, entertaining and packed with plenty of suspense. When an author breaks out of predictable tales and expectations she has a good book on her hands. Morton did that, she showed just how much one would sacrifice and go through go in the name of love. To elaborate further would be giving away valuable information that potential readers would want to appreciate for themselves. This is where I pass the torch and say get ready to be taken on an incredible journey.

book review by
Renee Harmon

8 March 2014

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