Peter Mulvey,
Ten Thousand Mornings
(Acoustic Roots/Signature Sounds, 2002)

Peter Mulvey hails from Milwaukee, spent some time in Ireland and returned to the United States. He is a brilliant interpreter of the songs of our best writers, and Ten Thousand Mornings is a classic example of how a talented performer can take a well-known song and, while retaining the essence, turn it into a completely new product.

Mulvey does this to perfection on Elvis Costello's "Oliver's Army," which I had often thought could only be sung by the writer. But this is no flash in the pan. Mulvey then goes on to enthrall the listener with his take on such classics as "For No One" by Lennon and McCartney and Bob Dylan's "Mama, You Been on My Mind."

There are some lesser-known titles here as well; since they were new to me, Mulvey's interpretations are the only ones I know.

Mulvey recorded this album live on the Boston subway platforms where he first earned his musical chops, which adds a fresh touch to the package, too.

This album is an excellent showcase of a great talent. I would love to hear a CD where he takes 10 or 12 of our better-known songs and puts his distinctive stamp on them.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 13 March 2004

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