David Munnelly,
By Heck
(Hummingbird, 2004)

David Munnelly is affectionately known as the new "Bullet from Belmullett." He hails from County Mayo and has been playing music since age 7. He has toured with some of the greats of the music scene, from the Chieftains to Niamh Parsons, Sharon Shannon and De Danaan. His accordion playing could be described as magical, he gets such excellent sounds from the box. This is his second solo release.

Through 14 tracks he brings us a wide range of styles and traditions with the common thread of quality and love of the music.

The album opens with a set of traditional reels titled "The Cuckoo's Nest," featuring the ingredients of a top-flight ceili band including piano and drums. The full sound will transport you. The title track is a traditional barndance on which you get the usual instruments plus sax and bass. The international musical cuisine continues with a set of Quebec reels, followed closely by "McGurn's" hornpipes.

There are songs here, too, starting with Richard Thompson's "The Dimming of the Day" featuring Andrew Murray on vocals. Other songs are "Garden Valley," written by Dougie MacLean and excellently sung by Helen Flaherty, and the traditional "P Stands for Paddy." The CD closes with a beautiful waltz composed by Munnelly called "Last Orders Waltz."

This is a wonderful album that will delight musicians and ordinary listeners alike.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 6 November 2004

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