Carole Nelson Douglas,
Cat in a Hot Pink Pursuit
(Thorndike, 2005)

Murder occurs in the world of Reality TV. Temple must go under cover in order to keep an eye on Molina's daughter Mariah, who has finaled in the Teen and Tween Contest held for this Reality TV series. Matt goes on to find info about his father. Molina gets a stalker and a date! Max realizes he may be losing Temple, even as Matt finally makes a move! Louie gets to try to keep himself in the good graces of not one but two feline beauties. And Nadir finds out about Mariah! (Sort of.)

As always, Carole Nelson Douglas weaves a great mystery tale full of intrigue, angst and base human nature. Everything in this volume looks to be ramping up the stakes for the next adventure and possibly the culmination of a few items readers have been breathlessly waiting for. I've a feeling it will be explosive!

Whoop! Can't wait!

book review by
Gloria Oliver

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