Andy Northrup,
Cardboard Logic
(R New House Up North, 2004)

Here is a beautiful album of thoughtful lyrics allied to a gentle production.

The wonder of popular songs is not in their construction or performance -- it is in luck. Andy Northrup deserves that luck to allow the wider audience for good music to experience his talent.

If only one track from this album makes it on to international airwaves, let it be "These Hands." Given enough exposure -- either of this version or another recording by a well-known artist -- this song could make him an international star. It has the lot: heartfelt lyrics, effective backing and a well-honed performance.

"Truth Breaks Through" is a good story-song with a solid beat that will bring you along.

Northrup is one of those wonderful writers who makes beautiful music, tells true stories and I am sure enthralls his live audiences but needs that wider listenership that his songs deserve so much. Do your bit. Seek out this album, buy it, enjoy it and, if you have any clout with radio stations, get it played.

by Nicky Rossiter
7 January 2006

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