Erik Pekkari,
(GIGA Folkmusik, 2004)

Gubbstot is an international album that proves the universality of good tunes. The primary instrument throughout is the melodeon and the sound is uplifting.

Opening with a polka called "Polkett," it will have your toes tapping and fingers clicking to the final note of 25 tracks. This is a collection of wonderful old-time Swedish dance music that provided real entertainment to generations -- and now we have a unique opportunity to enjoy it.

There is something magical about the tunes and performances here. It will transport you to those Scandinavian long houses where couples in beautifully embroidered finery danced gracefully on cold winter nights. This album would make a great party CD if you have friends round with an interest in dancing polkas and waltzes. It could also prove an excellent source for players looking for beautiful tunes.

Most of all it is a collection of wonderful tunes that any music enthusiast will love.

by Nicky Rossiter
1 October 2005