Cetywa Powell, editor,
Underground Voices
(iUniverse, 2006)

Underground Voices is a collection of 33 stories edited by Cetywa Powell, a Los Angeles-based writer who also edits an online magazine of the same name. Most are fairly short, lasting just a few pages, but all stories touch on some powerful subjects, ranging from memories of war combat to stalking to abortion to torture to alcoholism to generally-frowned-upon sexual practices. Only pick this one up if you have an open mind and enjoy living vicariously through alternative lifestyles. That being said, if you do enjoy taking a break from mainstream (aboveground) fiction, look no further.

The collection provides a who's-who guide to some underground talents in the world of short fiction, online fiction and novels. Nearly every story has a detailed author biography, providing background, contact information and further reading. Some of the biographies are as rewarding as the stories themselves! For example, Gregg W. Boita's bio states: "Intelligent and subdued, he quietly mulls the fate of humanity once control is wrested from the powers that be into his own hands. It will not be pretty."

Bravo to Powell for assembling this winning collection. Powell clearly has an eye for talent and provides a benefit to the reader by selecting these 30-plus stories to muck with your mind.

by Jessica Lux-Baumann
29 July 2006

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