Dr. Bob Rich,
Striking Back from Down Under
(Twilight Time, 2004)

This is an ebook anthology of Dr. Bob Rich's stories about bullying, victimization, the preying of one person on another and the way the victims are able to overcome the stumbling blocks placed in their path.

This anthology was a finalist in the EPPIES in 2001. Bob Rich's characters are believable and likeable, his prose easy on the eyes. Many of the stories are set in Australia, while others deal with people from different cultures or other exotic locations. All give a nice peek into other places and sometimes ways of thinking.

Some of the content may prove a little strong for some readers, but aside from one or two sections, not overtly so. Though it's listed as the second story in the book, I would recommend starting with "Cruelty & Compassion," which nicely exemplifies Rich's skill and is a better taste of what to expect from the rest of the book than "Game Planet." Overall, I enjoyed it, and it was well worth the read.

book review by
Gloria Oliver

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