Shane Scott,
Gingerbread House
(PlayRoom, 2004)

Relationships and love are two themes that keep recurring in the songs Shane Scott has penned for Gingerbread House. The music is solid and adds layers to many of the songs, and the sound falls under one of the many branches of folk-rock.

Scott not only provides both lead and backing vocals on the CD, he also performs all of the music, playing drums, percussion, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboards, bass and mandolin.

The guitars and drums start off "Down Again" with an energy that resumes with the chorus, while the lyrics tell of despair and hope. "Girl in the Red" is a simple and beautiful love song, even if it is love at a distance. The pain of letting go and looking back come out in the words and music of "Breathe."

The intro of "Holding On" sounds like the song is being played on an older radio. The music remains soft for "Hello to L.A.," a song about moving away and dreams. The warmth of Scott's voice adds a layer to "Standing Here" and underscores the love shown in the words.

He returns to the early stages of relationships in "Little Crazy," the music forming the backbone of the lyrics. He builds on the joys of being with someone in "Heaven in You." Distance comes rushing in with the first notes of "To the Sea" and the warmth that marked the previous two songs is nowhere to be found.

There are some very interesting metaphors used in "Garbage Under Your Sink," one of which gives the song its name. "Sad Song" is aptly named, full of sorrow and longing. The CD closes with another love song, "It's You," and the drive of the music brings out the focused passion of the lyrics.

Shane Scott put a lot of work into this CD (not only did he play all the instruments, but he produced it as well), and it shows.

by Paul de Bruijn
26 August 2006

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