Colleen Sexton,
Greatest Find
(Accord, 2003)

Over the past few years the Boston music scene has turned out quite a few excellent female singer-songwriters. One of them, Colleen Sexton, moved to Boston from Syracuse, N.Y., to attend law school, but quickly became part of its vibrant music scene. After listening to Greatest Find, we can be glad that she chose a music career over a profession in law.

Colleen's pleasing, passionate voice and good songwriting combine elements of folk, jazz, pop and blues. Greatest Find includes guest appearances by her older brother, Martin Sexton, plus Janis Ian, Cliff Eberhardt and the Canadian roots group, Zubot & Dawson.

The CD opens with a nice jazz-flavored song, "Got You on My Mind." "Mean Streak" and "Benediction" include some nice harmony vocals from Ian. "School Days" features Colleen singing with her brother.

One of the CD's best tracks is the bluesy "Venture Capitalist," which includes some excellent dobro playing by Tim Kelly. "Old Days" also has a nice folk/blues feel to it. Another one of the better songs is the folk/pop-sounding "Pickin' Up Sticks."

Greatest Find is a real treat, full of quality songwriting and well-crafted songs. Thoughtful lyrics combined with nice melodies. Colleen has a captivating voice that is well suited for her style of music. She also puts on a very enjoyable live show.

- Rambles
written by Dave Townsend
published 4 October 2003

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