Lorelei Shannon,
Rags & Old Iron
(Juno, 2007)

The mind can produce a darkness that's frightening, yet alluring and irresistible. In Rags & Old Iron, Lorelei Shannon gives a first-hand example of how far the mind can go when evil potions and spells are conjured up with blood used as the key element in sustaining its power.

Amy finds out that Rags, someone she has rescued from a pool and innocently befriended, is is a creature conjured up by voodoo. But she dismisses the warnings from a family friend -- who just happens to be a voodoo priestess -- because she believes Rags loves her and would never harm her. That doesn't stop the priestess from putting Rags to death before Amy's eyes.

Years later she's constantly ill and losing a tremendous amount of sleep due to frequent nightmares. Her life is so out of sync she begins to question her sanity. At last, through the help of her friend Xavier, a Yaqui mystic, she discovers there's an evil source to her condition. She doesn't know who it is or why it has chosen her as its victim, but from that point on evil is unleashed wreaking worlds of havoc around her. As the force draws closer she gets to see first hand how dangerous it can be. It begins to kill, mangle and rape victims as it grows angry because she tries to resist it. It has come to claim her and won't stop until she's in its grip.

Outside interference attempting to keep Amy out of its reach is met with monumental consequences. Blood shedding becomes a main event and a slew of metamorphoses unfold as the innocent suffer. When Amy's fear turns to courage, she travels back to her hometown because she believes she know who's responsible for the spell. As events unfold, she comes face to face with horror, fear, death and anger as the unbelievable comes in contact with uncut evil!

Rags & Old Iron gives a peek into how far some will go to maintain life everlasting. To solidify the process, nothing is off limits and no sacrifice is too big.

Shannon magically whisks your mind away on a journey so full of twists, turns and excitement it makes you want to finish the book in one day. It's magnificent how you can visualize her characters and want to jump inside the book and put your 2 cents worth in to help. Amy has to fight for her life when she is surrounded by the ones that intend to destroy it.

To her benefit, Rags' mission is compromised because he truly believes he loves Amy. But what if anything can he do when he's ordered to kill her? Now in the thick of the story it's wondered if he'll save her, which would make you want to find a good therapist to cure him of his murderous ways, or will you want every atom in his forever changing body destroyed, for taking her life. The book was great, I truly recommend it, it was incredible!

I thought I wouldn't be able to get into a book like this but I can truly say it won't be my last. Author Lorelei delivered her message and content well.

review by
Renee Harmon

6 October 2007

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