Sisters Euclid,
Run Neil Run
(NorthernBlues, 2006)

Run Neil Run is a tribute to Neil Young, and the Sisters Euclid have created something wonderful here with an entirely instrumental recording. The music carries the songs, and at times almost echoes the words that were written.

"Southern Man" is an intense ride, the angry wailing of the guitar leading the charge of the music. The rage drops away to be replaced by the soft weeping of "Helpless" and you can almost hear the chorus in the music. There is a quiet joy running through "Love is a Rose." The music is soothing and calming even as it fades away.

The music of "Harvest Moon" drifts at you, a quiet wind that cuts through you and those edges are what make it so good. Again, they ease up a notch for "Ohio," and while the music picks up in tempo it is a looser sound. The pacing of the music gives "Long May You Run" the grace of a prayer or blessing.

The music comes close to snarling in "Needle & the Damage Done," but it is not as intense as some of the earlier songs. The murky sounds of "Cinnamon Girl" swirl around you, quietly ensnaring you in the music. The tone carries over into "Heart of Gold," which has a pulsing beat running under the music and through the music.

Run Neil Run is about the music, about the respect for a fellow musician and when it is at its very best it will blow you away. When the Sisters Euclid are good, they are still very good and while they might not sing the words, they put the emotions into the music. Put this one on for a spin or three.

by Paul de Bruijn
14 April 2007

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