Barbara Sullivan,
Ripping Abigail
(QuiltMyst, 2011)

This book picks up right where Unraveling Ada left off.

Rachel Lyons, retired librarian turned PI, is recovering from injuries sustained while working on her last case regarding Ada and is gearing up for the next Quilted Secrets all-night quilting bee.

Abigail, the youngest member of the Quilted Secrets quilting group, is asserting her independence against her stubborn Ukrainian mother. She no longer wishes to be home-schooled and, knowing that her mother doesn't agree with public schools, the 13-year-old registers anyway and begins attending behind her mother's back. But when Abigail unwittingly attracts the attention of a dangerous gang at school, she pulls in Rachel and her delectable hubby Matthew for some help. Bad turns to worse as murder and kidnapping start targeting Pintos High School students.

Ripping Abigail is an awesome sequel. Rachel and Matthew are commendable leads that feel like old friends. The bonds between the Quilted Secrets women are tested and grow stronger as they work together on both the quilt and helping Abigail and as they start revealing more about themselves.

Just like at the end of Unraveling Ada, this book has left me with some questions and I hope to get the answers in the next book. Will it be about Elixchel and her ex? No matter who the subject is, I know the author will deliver, she keeps me entertained page after page.

book review by
Cherise Everhard

21 January 2012

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