various artists,
Maha Maya
(Six Degrees, 2000)

Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed is an interesting mix of traditional and modern sounds. The music is enjoyable to listen to and, at times, absolutely amazing. Different groups did the remixes, and the differences can be clearly heard when two different groups do remixes of the same song.

Dj Cheb i Sabbah starts the CD off with "Samarpanam (The Dhuni Mix)," and the low notes blend well with the sounds of thunder and rain. State of Bengal's "Shri Durga" has undulating vocals contrasted against electronic interludes. "Durga Puja" by TJ Rehmi twists sideways in the middle and becomes quite strange for a bit.

Transglobal Underground produces one of the best tracks with "Kese Kese (Where's the Sarangi Mix)" a wonderful blending of traditional and modern music. "Ganga Dev" by Bedouin Ascent is a subtle piece that slides around you and embraces you. Bally Sagoo's "Kese Kese (Beast of Asia Mix)" sounds more electronic with the traditional sounds fading into the background.

Fun Da Mental's "Shri Durga (The Organic Science Mix)" builds on itself and then becomes very quiet near the end. Dj Cheb i Sabbah closes off the CD with "Radhe Krishna (The Babu Chandidasa Mix)," which has a strong percussion base with the other elements weaving in and providing the tone for the set.

Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed is good solid music that you can sit back and enjoy or get up and dance to. And as much as I enjoyed the music, a part of me still wonders what the songs sounded like before they were remixed.

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 12 July 2003

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