The War That Time Forgot
by Bruce Jones, Al Barrionuevo (DC Comics, 2009)

It might have been a cooler concept in 1960, when Robert Kanigher wrote the first issues of The War That Time Forgot for DC Comics. But the resurrection of the series in 2009 by writer Bruce Jones is old, tired and dull.

Basically, you have a bunch of soldiers from various eras being dumped on an island with dinosaurs. The soldiers hate each other as much as the giant lizards, apparently, so they spend a lot of time fighting among themselves instead of banding together to fight the Big Toothy Lizards That Want to Eat Them. Utter nonsense.

Starting off with a little mandatory irony -- Lt. Carson, an American pilot, was flying post-haste to Hawaii to warn the fleet there of an imminent attack on Pearl Harbor -- the book quickly switches locales as Carson crashes first into a pterodactyl and then the hidden island itself. He is quickly introduced to the various characters already living there -- folks from the American frontier through all the wars right up to the Gulf, as well as ancient Greek, Roman and Scandinavian warriors -- and learns who's fighting whom. Of course, the lone Zero pilot who was pursuing Carson also ends up on the island ... and they don't get along.

Carson's presence precipitates immediate changes and new conflicts among the population, and somehow Carson assumes a leadership role. But frankly, I couldn't be bothered to sort it all out; this book is boring and, like the eponymous war, is best forgotten.

The story, printed originally as a 12-issue miniseries, has been collected for anyone who cares in two volumes.

review by
Tom Knapp

24 April 2010

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