Alexandrea Weis,
(CreateSpace, 2011)

Nicci's life was irrevocably changed when the man she loved, David, was murdered. Now it's two years later and, though time has eased her heartache, it has yet to erase it. Encouraged by the memory of David and a wish he had for her, she has written their story for the world to read and is on a book tour in New York when she is approached by someone from David's past. He asks Nicci to pair up with a colleague of David's and return to her family and friends in New Orleans in the hopes of capturing David's killer.

Dallas August has a cool facade that plays a tug of war with Nicci's emotions. She hasn't let go of David yet, but finds herself getting wrapped up in the game she and Dallas are playing.

This is the follow-up to the story To My Senses. I haven't had the pleasure of reading the first book, yet, and with so much going on in this one as a direct result of that first one, I could have easily been lost. Fortunately, the author does enough backtracking to inform us newbies, but not too much as to bore those already familiar with Nicci's past.

This was a dynamic story: adventurous, suspenseful, funny, sexy and at times painfully sad. I really find it hard to categorize it under one genre. The characters are colorful, to say the least; I found myself equally horrified and humored by their eccentricities. The witty banter between crazy relatives made me laugh out loud while making me feel right at home.

Besides the occasional editing mistakes commonly found in self-published works, this book was practically perfect. It's a cleverly written page-turner with plenty of intrigue. The story ends leaving the reader curious and wondering what if? It left this reader imagining what twists the next book could hold and anxiously awaiting its release.

book review by
Cherise Everhard

30 April 2011

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