Beth Wood,
(independent, 2005)

Beth Wood hails from Lubbock, Texas, via training in piano, violin and voice. She studied literature and taught herself the guitar. She combines her roots with her training to produce a superb collection of songs and performances on Marigolds.

Opening with "1500 Times," she draws us into her world of words and music -- and we show no inclination to try to escape. This is a collection of well-crafted songs that are a tribute to Wood's ability to paint word pictures allied to good music and an excellent group of backing musicians.

One of my favourite tracks is the wonderful "Someday Somebody Will." It brings us different perspectives on a theme. "Ordinary Birds" is one of those songs that so many can identify with. It celebrates the lives of us ordinary people. It also has fabulous lines --"Did you ever open up your mouth and something brilliant came right out and you looked around to see where it was coming from." That's classy writing.

Her church is definitely "The Church of Melody" and all of you who regularly read reviews here must be fully paid up members, too. This is your recessional hymn. The title track, "Marigolds," closes this album.

Over the course of 13 tracks, Wood will bring you through many conditions of modern life, but the emphasis is more on celebration. Guitar enthusiasts will be rewarded with instructions for each song and the booklet also offers the lyrics to help you enjoy this wordsmith at work.

by Nicky Rossiter
8 October 2005

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