Beth Wood,
You Take the Wheel
(Mehaffey, 2003)

This CD started with an idea that "fell from the sky" during a road trip in 2002. Beth Wood thought up the idea of a solo acoustic CD but decided to take it a step further. She allowed the content to be dictated by her many fans. They chose their favourites and Beth provided them in a lovely simple setting.

You Take the Wheel is a great showcase for her talent as a writer as well as a singer. She also includes a few tracks written by others and shows a talent for interpreting the work of others to make it her own.

I particularly liked the tracks "Hero's Almanac" and "Fingernail Moon" (which is a great title). Her singing of "The Water is Wide" is a joy to hear. The plaintive interpretation give a new depth to a song heard performed by almost every Irish singer in recent memory.

Beth has a beautiful voice that is ideally suited to this form of acoustic recording. This is a very personal album which bears close listening, and I look forward to more releases from the singer.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 29 May 2004

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