William Woods,
Every Part of Me
(Whaling City, 2005)

William Woods is a master of the jazz piano and is ably abetted on this new release, Every Part of Me, by Denny Jiosa on guitar, Chris Kent on percussion and drummer Raymond Massey.

The title track, "Every Part of Me," is an improvisation that demonstrates the strength and beauty of great jazz that will delight the fan and entice the novice. All the tracks come from the pen and heart of Woods. Especially notable is the track "Alive, Living in Jersey," which gives us a clue to a place that he holds dear. Other stand out tracks are "Under the Radar" and "Quicksand," but as with most jazz albums the whole exceeds the sum of its parts.

This is an experience of jazz from a consummate performer accompanied by some great instrumentalists. If you like jazz, you will love this.

by Nicky Rossiter
11 February 2006

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