Y: The Last Man,
#5: Ring of Truth

by Brian K. Vaughan,
Pia Guerra, Goran Parlov
(Vertigo, 2005)

Our three cross-country travelers are drawing close to their destination when Yorick, the last man on Earth, breaks off from the group for a little spiritual reconnection. Feeling guilt for a death he caused, he seeks solace in an empty church -- but finds it inhabited by a lone woman, the scarred survivor of a jet crash on the day all the other men died.

Yorick seems to find the healing he needs -- and about time, too, considering he's the only man alive on a planet full of women -- but a branch of the man-hating Amazons is in the mood to burn the local monument to patriarchal oppression -- whether or not anyone is inside. Can Yorick save the day without his usual tribe of rescuers at hand?

After a quick flash to the Australian Outback, where Yorick's long-lost and presumed-dead girlfriend makes a startling discovery, we rejoin Yorick's sister, Hero, who is reconsidering her role in the Amazon revolution. Soon, with their mother's blessing and tricked out like Annie Oakley, Hero is back on her brother's trail -- and it's anyone's guess whether she wants to help or kill him this time around.

And then Yorick's team reaches the science lab in San Francisco and makes a few unusual discoveries about the nature of Yorick's survival. And that's when things really get interesting....

It's been quite some time since a new series has drawn me in so fully as Y: The Last Man has done. A creative idea mixed with plenty of action, strong characterization and, let's face it, a world full of women -- what, do you think I'd rather be reading an Archie book?

by Tom Knapp
10 June 2006

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