Alanna Bergeris one of Tom Knapp's many friends he charmed into working for him and his wild Rambles.NET (with promises of fame and fortune). During the day, she's a systems analyst for Tyco Electronics Corporation in Harrisburg, PA, but in her real life, she is the hammered dulcimer player for Arcona Reel Band and the pretty half of the duo Clannamore. Both groups specialize in high-energy Irish and Scottish music, and together with her husband, Blaise Liffick, the two have minstrelled all over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic areas.

Alanna lives in a large, rambling farmhouse in Elizabethtown, PA, with her husband and their 135-pound wolf-like dog, Lakota. They've got five kids, and although they are mostly grown-up, they're never quite gone.

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