Carole McDonnell is a poet, essayist, devotional writer, reviewer and writer of speculative fiction.

Her works appear in Christian print and online publications and in various Christian or spec-fic anthologies including So Long Been Dreaming: Post-colonialism in Science Fiction, edited by Nalo Hopkinson, as well as Fantastic Visions III, W.W. Norton's LIFENOTES: Personal Writings by Contemporary Black Women, Then an Angel Came Along, Jigsaw Nation, Seasoned Sistahs: Writings by Mature Women of Color and Nobody Passes: Rejecting the Rules of Gender & Conformity.

Her Bible study, "Seeds of Bible Study," is available for free download here and here. Her speculative novel Wind Follower will be published by Juno Books in June 2007.

Reviews by Carole include:

Jane Bom-Bane
Round-a-way Wrong Songs

Burrito Deluxe
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Solo Guitar

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various artists
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Well Tempered String Band
Book Two

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A Poor Man's Labour

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Tokyo Vice: An American Reporter on the Police Beat in Japan

Orson Scott Card, editor
Getting Lost: Survival, Baggage & Starting Over in J.J. Abrams' Lost

Joni B. Cole, Rebecca Joffrey & B.K. Rakhra
This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America

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Clark Gerhart, with Jefferson Scott
Say Goodbye to Stubborn Sin: A Surgeon Explains the Physiological Factors that Trigger It

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The Keys to the Chronicles: Unlocking the Symbols of C.S. LewisÕs Narnia

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Abraham Lincoln: The Civil War President

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