Explore the world with the Rhymer! Take a look at photos from my trips to Ireland, Scotland, England and Norway on one side of the Atlantic, Walden Pond, Cape Breton and Cancun on the other. (While many would opt for a Dominican Republic vacation, the history and ruins of Cancun, Mexico, made it an easy choice.) So pull up a chair, harken to an old Irish fiddle tune, sip a cold, dark pint and enjoy my global gallery!


I'm one of those people who reads a good quote and has to jot it down for later. Too many little pieces of paper lying around led me to create my online quotation compendium, full of great sayings and other words of wisdom. Some will probably be familiar to you, but I'm betting a fair number of these you'll have never read before! Some will make you smile and, if you're not careful, some might make you think.


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Fire in the Glen

You'll find information about Fire in the Glen, a lively Irish trio featuring myself and pals Jason Mundok and Aaron Mundok, here. Check us out for a mug-thumping good time!

My wife, Kate, in Long's Park

Our son, Vinnie, and our daughter, Molly, along the Maine coastline

Me, fiddling in a Galway pub

Morgan & Puck.
Morgan, my dog for more than 15 years, died in December 2005.
Puck, quite fat, is my daughter's favorite toy.

Morgan & Puck

Our current growly house protector and official family drooler.


Marlowe (who left us in 2007, no longer quite so small).


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