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"Wise men make proverbs, but fools repeat them." - Samuel Palmer

Each link leads to a collection of quotes, which I've been gathering from various sources for many years. Some are from common sources and are frequently repeated, but many of these, I hope, will be new to you!

They are divided somewhat loosely by topic, but don't expect too much organization. Watch for more soon! (Oh, and if you see any mistakes, please let me know.)

The Creative Arts

Music ... to soothe a savage breast

Words, Written & Spoken

The Visual Arts: Performance & Art

The Culinary Arts ... now, that's good eatin'!

Nature & Wild Things

Inspiration, Perception & Truth

Life & Death ... dying & not dying

Matters of Faith ... religion, spirituality, creation

Spirit ... ambition & vital living, courage, adversity

Laughter & Humour

Love & Romance ... and a little bit o' sex

Humanity & Society I ... the human condition, friendship, education, society

Humanity & Society II ... change, war, crime, politics, patriotism

Abstractions ... accountability, anger, apathy, chaos, confusion, foreshadowing, freedom, horror, humility, luck, madness, mind alteration, pain & loneliness, peace, pragmatism, reality

Miscellany ... stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else: scale, transporation, being pc, computers, health & anatomy, sports

Would you like to know more about the source for a particular quote? Do you have quotes to add to this collection? If so, drop me a line!

"Our revels now are ended." - William Shakespeare

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