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Music Festivals
& Special Events:

Aloha: Hawaiian
Slack Key Guitar Tour

Harrisburg, PA
(February 2000)

ArtsCan Circle Benefit Concert
Guelph, ON
(March 2003)

Victoria, BC
(June 2001)

Bards & Ballads
Wagmatcook, NS
(October 2002)

Bards & Ballads
Wagmatcook, NS
(October 2003)

Bards & Ballads
Wagmatcook, NS
(October 2004)

Cambridge Folk Festival:
Cambridge, UK
(July 2005)

Celtic Christmas,
with Danny O'Flaherty

Lake Charles, LA
(December 2004)

Celtic Classic
Bethlehem, PA
(September 2001)

Celtic Classic
Bethlehem, PA
(September 2002)

Celtic Classic
Bethlehem, PA
(September 2004)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2000)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2001)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2002)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2003)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2004)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2005)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2006)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2007)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2008)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2009)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2010)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2011)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2012)

Celtic Colours
Cape Breton, NS
(October 2013)

Celtic Connections
Glasgow, UK
(January 2005)

Celtic Fest Chicago
Chicago, IL
(September 2006)

Celtic Fling
Cornwall, PA
(July 1999)

Celtic Fling
Cornwall, PA
(July 2000)

Christmas Island Ceilidh
Christmas Island, NS
(October 2000)

Close to the Floor
Mabou, NS
(October 2002)

Close to the Floor
Mabou, NS
(October 2003)

Connecticut Irish Festival
North Haven, CT
(June 2000)

Cropredy Folk Festival
Cropredy, UK
(August 2001)

Cropredy Folk Festival
Cropredy, UK
(August 2002)

East Coast Music Awards
Charlottetown, PEI
(February 2006)

Fairfield County Irish Festival
Fairfield, CT
(June 2002)

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Hillsdale, NY
(July 2001)

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Hillsdale, NY
(July 2002)

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Hillsdale, NY
(July 2004)

Fiddle & Prose
Mabou, NS
(August 2001)

Fiddle Heaven
North River, NS
(October 2002)

Fiddlers Heaven
Judique, NS
(October 2000)

Further Festival
Hershey, PA
(July 1997)

Gaelic Airs
St. Ann's, NS
(October 2001)

Gaelic Roots
Mabou, NS
(October 2001)

The Gathering: Celebration
of Traditional Irish Music & Arts

Leeds, UK
(November 2005)

Guitar Summit
Judique, NS
(October 2000)

Guitar Summit
Judique, NS
(October 2003)

Guitar Summit
Judique, NS
(October 2004)

Guitar Summit
Judique, NS
(October 2005)

Heavenly Voices
Whitney Pier, NS
(October 2003)

Irish Fest, Day 1
Milwaukee, WI
(August 2005)

Irish Fest, Day 2
Milwaukee, WI
(August 2005)

Irish Fest, Day 3
Milwaukee, WI
(August 2005)

Irish Fest, Day 4
Milwaukee, WI
(August 2005)

Labor Day Weekend Jazz Concert
Mackinac Island, MI
(September 2004)

LAUNCH music
conference & festival
Lancaster, PA
(Apr. 2011)

LAUNCH 2011:
Can You Handle the Truth?

Lancaster, PA
(April 2011)

Mid-Winter Scottish & Irish
Music Festival & Fair

King of Prussia, PA
(February 2011)

New England Folk Festival
Natick, MA
(April 2002)

New England Folk Festival
Natick, MA
(April 2003)

Old Songs Festival of
Traditional Music & Dance

Altamont, NY
(June 2001)

Oriental & Flamenco
Gypsy Festival

Zurich, Switzerland
(October 2005)

Piano Summit
Judique, NS
(April 2002)

Kathryn Tickell's Piping Journey

Basingstoke, UK
(June 2002)

Pipers' Ceilidh
St. Ann's, NS
(October 2003)

Pipers' Ceilidh
St. Ann's, NS
(October 2006)

Rocky Mountain Folks Fest #1
Lyons, CO
(August 1999)

Rocky Mountain Folks Fest #2
Lyons, CO
(August 1999)

Cumbria, UK
(August 2005)

Songwriters Circle
Baddeck, NS
(October 2001)

Spirit of Aloha
Alexandria, VA (Oct. 2004)

Spring Ceilidh
Antigonish, NS
(May 2001)

Spring Gulch Folk Festival
New Holland, PA
(May 2001)

Stan Rogers Festival
Canso, NS
(July 2005)

Stonehill Irish Festival
Easton, MA
(June 2002)

Strings & Things
Wagmatcook, NS
(October 2002)

Ukulele Expo
Bushkill, PA
(September 2004)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2001)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2002)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2003)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2004)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2005)

Whycocomagh Gathering
Whycocomagh, NS
(October 2012)

A Woman's Word
London, UK
(November 2004)

The World's Biggest Square Dance
Baddeck, NS
(October 2004)

what's new




It's one thing to cut a good album in the studio. It's another thing entirely to stand on a stage and entertain a crowd. Here's your peek into some of the concerts we've seen. (You'll find some bands listed on this page which normally wouldn't be featured at Rambles.NET, but we think live performances are a folk art all their own. Besides, it gives us a chance to stretch a bit in other directions and keep the page fresh and interesting, eh?)

Concerts are listed alphabetically by the performer.
Click on a name to read the review.



Bryan Adams: York, PA (Dec. 2013)

Albannach: King of Prussia, PA (Feb. 2011)

America, with Linda Ronstadt: Wallingford, CT (June 2006)

James Apollo & Risa Hall: Bury, UK (April 2006)

The Arrogant Worms: Altamont, NY (June 2001)

The Askew Sisters: Guildford, UK (April 2008)

Atlantic Wave: Milwaukee, WI (July 2006)


Joan Baez: New York, NY (Oct. 2008)

Battlefield Band: Toronto, ON (Nov. 2001)

Battlefield Band: Baar, Switzerland (Feb. 2005)

Andrea Beaton: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2007)

Brendan Begley & Caoimhin O'Raghallaigh: Portland, ME (Oct. 2010)

The Be Good Tanyas with Darden Smith: London, UK (July 2002)

Beolach: Mabou, NS (Oct. 2001)

Beyond the Pale: Elizabethtown, PA (May 2002)

Jenny Bird, with Melissa Crabtree: Boulder, CO (Nov. 1999)

Frances Black: Manchester, UK (June 2006)

Mary Black: Boulder, CO (July 1999)

Black 47: North Haven, CT (June 2000)

Black 47, with the Ogham Stones: Lancaster, PA (Feb. 2014)

Blazin' Fiddles, with Cristina Pato: Leicester, UK (June 2004)

Blood, Sweat & Tears: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 1993)

Luka Bloom: Denver, CO (March 2000)

Bluehorses: Montreux, Switzerland (July 2006)

Eric Bogle & John Munroe: Carrig on Bannow, Ireland (Aug. 2003)

Bonerama: Lancaster, PA (June 2009)

Bon Jovi: Hershey, PA (July 2001)

Bowfire: Lancaster, PA (Oct. 2002)

Broderick: New Milton, UK (July 2001)

Alison Brown Quartet: Wagmatcook, NS (Oct. 2002)

Sam Brown, with Michael Rattray: Manchester, UK (March 2006)

Jackson Browne: Providence, RI (Apr. 2008)


Fil Campbell: Lancaster, PA (Sept. 2010)

Glen Campbell, with Instant People: Worcester, MA (Jan. 2012)

Liz Carroll: North River, NS (Oct. 2002)

Liz Carroll & John Doyle: Portland, ME (Nov. 2005)

Martin Carthy, Chris Wood & Roger Wilson: Basingstoke, UK (Jan. 2001)

Celtic Fiddle Festival: San Francisco, CA (March 1998)

Celtitude: Cheticamp, NS (Oct. 2001)

Beth Nielsen Chapman: Manchester, UK (June 2004)

C.J. Chenier & the Red Hot Louisiana Band: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2010)

Cherish the Ladies: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2006)

Cherish the Ladies: Frederick, MD (March 2015)

Abdullah Chhadeh, with Nara: York, UK (May 2004)

The Chieftains: Reading, PA (March 1999)

Maybelle Chisolm-MacQueen: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

City Rhythm Orchestra: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2007)

Aoife Clancy: Wagmatcook, NS (Oct. 2001)

Clandestine: Washington, DC (April 1999)

Clandestine: Bethlehem, PA (Sept. 2002)

Eric Clapton & Robert Cray: Boston, MA (Oct. 2006)

Vikki Clayton: Croydon, UK (Nov. 1998) & Reading, UK (Dec. 1998)

Cliar: Mabou, NS (Oct. 2001)

CodeTalkers: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2008)

J.P. Cormier: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

The Cottars: Mabou, NS (Oct. 2001)

Cowboy Celtic: Wagmatcook, NS (Oct. 2002)

Crosby, Stills & Nash: Hershey, PA (August 2001)

A Crowd of Bold Sharemen: Sydney Mines, NS (Oct. 2002)

Jamie Cullum, with Nerina Pallot: Saffron Walden, UK (July 2005)

Johnny Cunningham: Denver, CO (Sept. 1999)

Phil Cunningham: Whycocomagh, NS (Oct. 2001)

Catie Curtis: Denver, CO (Sept. 1999)


Roger Daltrey, with Paul Freeman: Hartford, CT (Sept. 2011)

The Dancing Lights Troupe: Twelve Celtic Winds: Judique, NS (Oct. 2004)

Charlie Daniels Band, with the Davisson Brothers Band & Truck Stop Troubadours: Webster, MA (Sept. 2011)

Jacqui Dankworth & Band: Yorkshire, UK (Oct. 2003)

Danu: Wagmatcook, NS (Oct. 2001)

Danu: Milwaukee, WI (Jan. 2005)

The Dead: Worcester, MA (April 2009)

Charles de Lint, MaryAnn Harris & Don Fletcher: Ottawa, ON (April 2002)

John Denver: A Rocky Mountain High Concert: Lancaster, PA (Feb. 2013)

Dervish: Elizabethtown, PA (March 1999)

Cara Dillon: Birkenhead, Wirral, UK (Sept. 2003)

Liz Doherty: Port Hawkesbury, NS (Oct. 2001)


The Eagles: Boston, MA (July 2008)

Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters: Lancaster, PA (June 2011)

Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart: London, UK (May 2002)

Cliff Eberhardt: Bellmore, NY (Nov. 2000)

Jonathan Edwards: Athol, MA (Aug. 2008)

Emerson Lake & Palmer: Hershey, PA (Aug. 1996)

 Tommy Emmanuel, with Richard Smith: Harrisburg, PA (March 2015)

Enter the Haggis: Cornwall, PA (July 2000)

Enter the Haggis: Rochester, NY (April 2004)

Melissa Etheridge with Shannon Curfman: Boulder, CO (Aug. 1999)


Fairport Convention: Cropredy, UK (Aug. 2001)

Fairport Convention: Cropredy, UK (Aug. 2002)

Aengus Finnan & Jory Nash, with Joel Morelli: Toronto, ON (Nov. 2000)

Aengus Finnan: St. Jacobs, Ontario (Oct. 2002)

Fire in the Glen: Lancaster, PA (March 1999)

Fire in the Glen: Lancaster, PA (March 2000)

Archie Fisher: Baddeck, NS (Oct. 2001)

Bela Fleck: Harrisburg, PA (Oct. 1999)

Flook: Derbyshire, UK (February 2004)

Flook: York, UK (February 2004)

Julia Fordham: New York City, NY (July 2002)

The Forge: Portland, ME (May 2012)

Ruthie Foster: Lancaster, PA (July 2008)

Peter Frampton: Foxborough, MA (Sept. 2008)

Peter Frampton: Boston, MA (July 2011)

Kimberley Fraser: Prime Brook, NS (Oct. 2001)

Kimberley Fraser, with John Whelan: York, PA (Jan. 2014)

Frifot: Denver, CO (Sept. 1999)


Gaelic Storm: Lancaster, PA (June 2002)

Lennie Gallant: Toronto, ON (Nov. 2002)

Genesis: Hartford, CT (Sept. 2007)

Amy Hanaiali'i Gilliom & Willie K: Alexandria, VA (Oct. 2004)

Gov't Mule, with Jackie Greene: Holyoke, MA (Aug. 2010)

Great Big Sea: Philadelphia, PA (March 1999)

Great Big Sea: Winnipeg, MB (Nov. 2008)

Great Big Sea: South Orange, NJ (Oct. 2008)

Greenfire: Kennett Square, PA (Aug. 2001)


Hadrian's Wall: Cornwall, PA (July 1999)

Sammy Hagar & Michael Anthony: Scranton, PA (July 2006)

Merle Haggard: Worley, ID (July 1999)

Risa Hall & James Apollo: Bury, UK (April 2006)

Hanley, McCarthy & Sinnott: Wexford, Ireland (May 2002)

Bella Hardy, with Chris Sherburn: Basingstoke, UK (June 2008)

Hem, with Nerina Pallot: Manchester, UK (June 2005)

Jerry Holland: Dingwall, NS (Oct. 2001)

Jerry Holland: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2007)

Jools Holland & His R&B Band: Yorkshire, UK (July 2004)

Rebecca Hollweg, with Andy Hamill: London, UK (May 2005)


Indigo Girls: Lancaster, PA (May 1993)

Indigo Girls with Cara Dillon & Pina: London, UK (May 2002)

Innocence Mission: Lancaster, PA (April 1995)

The Irish Tenors: Lancaster, PA (March 2013)

Eileen Ivers: Lancaster, PA (July 2001)


Jethro Tull: Hershey, PA (Aug. 1996)

Elton John & Billy Joel: Foxborough, MA (July 2009)

Eric Johnson: Charlotte, NC (March 2004)


Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald: Sacramento, CA (May 1995)

Lucy Kaplansky: Denver, CO (Nov. 1999)

Seamus Kennedy: King of Prussia, PA (Feb. 2011)

Carole King & James Taylor: Boston, MA (June 2010)

Lisa Knapp, Jenna Reid & Gwenan Gibbard: Guildford, UK (April 2007)

Spider John Koerner: Cambridge, MA (March 2000)

Kris Kristofferson: Worcester, MA (May 2011)


Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Harrisburg, PA (Feb. 2003)

Mary Jane Lamond: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2001)

David LaMotte: Cary, NC (April 2005)

Abbie Lathe, et al: A Woman's Word: London, UK (Nov. 2004)

Tony Latimer: Victoria, BC (May 2001)

Donnell Leahy & Natalie MacMaster: Lancaster, PA (June 2008)

Otto Lechner: Zurich, Switzerland (Jan. 2005)

Les Yeux Noirs: New York, NY (Sept. 2003)

Gordon Lightfoot: Northampton, MA (Sept. 2008)

Live: Lancaster, PA (Dec. 1994)

Kenny Loggins: Interlochen, MA (Aug. 2009)

Loonaloop, with Ellika & Solo: Derbyshire, UK (July 2004)

Charlie Louvin: Lancaster, PA (Oct. 2008)

Lunasa: Philadelphia, PA (Feb. 2000)

Lunasa: York, UK (April 2004)


Ishbel MacAskill: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2001)

Buddy MacDonald: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2001)

Buddy MacDonald: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2007)

Howie MacDonald: Glencoe Mills, NS (Oct. 2001)

Kendra MacGillivray: Port Hawkesbury, NS (Oct. 2001)

Troy MacGillivray: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2007)

Bruce MacGregor: Portland, Maine (June 2004)

Maggie MacInnes: Christmas Island, NS (Oct. 2000)

Sandy MacIntyre: Dingwall, NS (Oct. 2001)

Ashley MacIsaac: Inverness, NS (Oct. 2001)

Dave MacIsaac: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

Wendy MacIsaac: Port Hawkesbury, NS (Oct. 2001)

Buddy MacMaster: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

Buddy & Natalie MacMaster: Judique, NS (Aug. 2005)

Natalie MacMaster: Fort Washington, PA (May 1999)

Natalie MacMaster: Milwaukee, WI (April 2005)

Natalie MacMaster: Harrisburg, PA (April 2005)

Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy: Lancaster, PA (June 2008)

Flora MacNeil: Christmas Island, NS (Oct. 2000)

Glen & Keith MacNeil and Russell Deveaux: Mabou, NS (July 2001)

Dougie MacPhee: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

Madrigaia and Insigizi: Winnipeg, MB (Dec. 2005)

John Magnie Trio: Lyons, CO (Aug. 1999)

Maidens IV: Gettysburg, PA (July 2008)

The Mailman's Children: Winnipeg, MB (Dec. 2001)

Malinky: Cheshire, UK (Sept. 2003)

David Massengill: Lyons, CO (Aug. 1999)

Karen Matheson & the Scottish Ensemble: Glasgow, UK (Oct. 2005)

Karen Matheson: Kendal, UK (March 2006)

John McCusker: York, UK (Dec. 2003)

John McCutcheon: Carrboro, N.C. (Feb. 2012)

The McDades: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2007)

The McDades: Harrisburg, PA (Feb. 2009)

Eleanor McEvoy: Wagmatcook, NS (Oct. 2002)

Kirsty McGee, et al: A Woman's Word: London, UK (Nov. 2004)

McGinty: Prime Brook, NS (Oct. 2001)

Mike McGoldrick, Eamonn Coyne, John Joe Kelly & Ed Boyd: Leeds, UK (Feb. 2005)

Sean McGuire: Judique, NS (Oct. 2000)

Nellie McKay: Bryn Mawr, PA (Feb. 2004)

Loreena McKennitt: Antwerp, Belgium (April 2007)

Loreena McKennitt: Oakland, California (May 2007)

Susan McKeown: Denver, CO (Sept. 1999)

Tony McManus: St. Ann's, NS (Oct. 2001)

James McMurtry: Fayetteville, AK (Nov. 1998)

Brian McNeill: Baddeck, NS (Oct. 2001)

Mediaeval Baebes: Croydon, UK (Nov. 1998) & Reading, UK (Dec. 1998)

Mediaeval Baebes, with Carolyn Hillyer & Nigel Shaw: Croydon, UK (Nov. 2003)

Melanie: Vienna, Va. (May 2012)

Men of the Deeps: Whitney Pier, NS (Oct. 2003)

Lynn Miles with Bill Morrissey: London, UK (Nov. 2001)

Matt Minglewood & Rylee Madison: Judique, NS (April 2004)

The Miracles: Lancaster, PA (June 1999)

Modern Icons: Mount Joy, PA (Oct. 1998)

The Monkees: Columbus, OH (June 2011)

Alanis Morissette: Hershey, PA (Aug. 1996)

David Munnelly Band: Newmarket, NH (July 2005)

John Munroe & Eric Bogle: Carrig on Bannow, Ireland (Aug. 2003)

Michael Martin Murphey: Wilmington, DE (Jan. 2014)

Patricia Murray: Prime Brook, NS (Oct. 2001)


Jory Nash & Aengus Finnan, with Joel Morelli: Toronto, ON (Nov. 2000)

The New Lark Rise Band (featuring Ashley Hutchings): Guildford, UK (Feb. 2008)

Brid Ni Mhaoileoin: Aarau, Switzerland (Feb. 2005)

The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band: Alexandria, VA (March 2012)

Carlos Nunez: Whycocomagh, NS (Oct. 2003)


Mollie O'Brien, with Nena Gerber: Lyons, CO (Aug. 1999)

Of Ebony Embers: Millersville, PA (Feb. 2001)

Oi Va Voi, with KT Tunstall: Manchester, UK (May 2004)

Old Blind Dogs: Dublin, OH (Aug. 2003)

The Outlaws: Frederick, MD (Nov. 2012)

Judith Owen: New York, NY (June 2008)


The Palestrina Choir: Lancaster, PA (April 2015)

Nerina Pallot: Manchester, UK (May 2005)

Ellis Paul: Okemah, OK (Nov. 1998)

Poco & Pure Prairie League: Champion, PA (April 2007)

Karine Polwart, et al: A Woman's Word: London, UK (Nov. 2004)

Maddy Prior & the Carnival Band: Reading, UK (Dec. 2000)

The Prodigals: Fairfield, CT (June 2002)


Terry Everett Quiett: Boulder, CO (April 2000)


Mairi Rankin: Port Hawkesbury, NS (Oct. 2001)

Eddi Reader: Wexford, Ireland (Feb. 2012)

Red Molly & The Seldom Scene: Alexandria, VA (June 2011)

Bobby Lee Rodgers & the CodeTalkers: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2008)

Kenny Rogers: Lowell, MA (Dec. 2009)

Nathan Rogers: Owen Sound, ON (Nov. 2012)

Stan Rogers: A Matter of Heart, the Musical Revue: Toronto, ON (Dec. 2002)

Linda Ronstadt, with America: Wallingford, CT (June 2006)

Kate Rusby: Basingstoke, UK (Sept. 2002)

Kate Rusby Band: Cheshire, UK (Aug. 2003)

Kate Rusby & Friends: York, UK (March 2004)

Kate Rusby Band: South Yorkshire, UK (Aug. 2005)

Rusted Root: Annapolis, MD (Jan. 2014)


Rachael Sage, with Jess Gardham & Rachel Taylor-Beales: London, UK (July 2008)

Gordie Sampson: Baddeck, NS (Oct. 2001)

Bob Seger with the Silver Bullet Band & Steve Azar: Worcester, MA (Jan. 2007)

Seldom Scene, with Red Molly: Alexandria, VA (June 2011)

Seven Nations: Lancaster, PA (July 2000)

Sharon Shannon & the Woodchoppers: Denver, CO (Oct. 1999)

Sharon Shannon: Whycocomagh, NS (Oct. 2002)

Sister Sparrow & the Dirty Birds: Lancaster, PA (June 2012)

The Emily Smith Band: York, UK (Aug. 2004)

Solas: Portland, ME (Feb. 2007)

Sons & Daughters, Mother & the Addicts, The Alpha Western: Manchester, UK (June 2005)

Sons of Maxwell: Ottawa, ON (Sept. 2000)

Spirit of the Tradition: Basingstoke, UK (Nov. 1998)

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Albany, NY (Nov. 2007)

Steeleye Span: Milton Keynes, UK (Oct. 2000)

Christian "Junior" Stevens: Portland, ME (Sept. 2012)

Savourna Stevenson: Basingstoke, England (March 2002)

Suroit: Cheticamp, NS (Oct. 2001)


Tanglefoot: Bethlehem, PA (Dec. 2001)

Tanglefoot: Sellersville, PA (June 2003)

Tannahill Weavers: Denver, CO (Sept. 1999)

Tannahill Weavers: King of Prussia, PA (Feb. 2011)

Tartanic: Plantersville, TX (Oct. 2003)

James Taylor: Hershey, PA (July 2001)

James Taylor & Carole King: Boston, MA (June 2010)

Louise Taylor: Bronx, NY (April 2000)

Susan Tedeschi: Manhattan, NY (July 1999)

Richard Thompson: London, UK (July 2001)

Richard Thompson: West Palm Beach, FL (April 2005)

Kathryn Tickell & Pipelines: Basingstoke, UK (June 2002)

Martha Tilston: London, UK (May 2008)

KT Tunstall: Leeds, UK (Oct. 2004)

KT Tunstall: Manchester, UK (Nov. 2004)

KT Tunstall: Manchester, UK (March 2005)

The Tony Trischka Band: Lancaster, PA (Aug. 2001)

Pierce Turner & Friends: Wexford, Ireland (Dec. 2001)

Ronan Tynan: Lancaster, PA (Feb. 2006)


The Undesirables: Toronto, ON (Sept. 2003)


Suzanne Vega, with Nerina Pallot: Basingstoke, UK (June 2005)


Jeremy Walsh: Victoria, BC (May 2001)

Taylor Ware: Elizabethtown, PA (Aug. 2006)

Warsaw Village Band: York, UK (Nov. 2004)

Roger Waters: Boston, MA (July 2007)

Carol Ann Weaver, Rebecca Campbell & Frances Miller: Lancaster, PA (Oct. 2007)

Gillian Welch & David Rawlings: Fayetteville, AK (Nov. 1998)

Gillian Welch, with David Rawlings & the Old Crow Medicine Band: London, UK (July 2004)

Susan Werner: Lyons, CO (Aug. 1999)

Cheryl Wheeler: Tulsa, OK (Nov. 1998)

Kellie While, et al: A Woman's Word: London, UK (Nov. 2004)

Dar Williams, with Keller Williams: Harrisburg, PA (Nov. 2002)

Lucinda Williams: Fayetteville, AK (Nov. 1998)

Paul Winter: Millersville, PA (April 1994)

Wolfstone: Unity, ME (July 2004)

Chris Wood, Roger Wilson & Martin Carthy: Basingstoke, UK (Jan. 2001)


Les Yeux Noirs: New York, NY (Sept. 2003)