Joy McKayis a contemporary singer-songwriter who joined the Rambles.NET staff as a way to overcome her own nervousness about seeking reviews. "In the process of reviewing other artists, I have come to appreciate a wide spectrum of music and have also gained a greater understanding of my own music and my career goals. Also, now that I am a reviewer, I'm not nearly as afraid of them anymore."

Joy listens to a wide range of music and is particularly interested in fine songwriting within any genre. "It's a pleasure to listen to an album that is strong in all areas: songwriting, performance, arrangement and production. If a project has a weakness in a particular area, I try to point it out in such a way that the artist can learn from it and make their recordings even better." Through Rambles.NET, Joy has discovered wonderful albums by artists she's never heard before.

Joy believes that a thoughtful and constructive review can be of great assistance to an artist at any stage of her career. With two albums of her own and many award-winning songs to her credit, she finds her work for Rambles.NET a very rewarding part of her artistic life. Because she lives and works in a large "music town," where many musicians know each other, Joy prefers to use a pseudonym to ensure honesty in her reviews.

Reviews by Joy include:

Ilene Adar
First Sound
Quiet the Storm

Jamie Anderson

Rik Barron
The Quiet Faith of Man

Beyond the Pale
Consensus: Live in Concert

Ray Bonneville
Roll It Down

Chuck Brodsky
Color Came One Day

Mike Campbell
Sad Eyes

Dave's True Story

Ani DiFranco

After the Kids are Grown

Donna Dunlop
Spirit of the Crossroads

David Elias & the Great Unknown
Half an Hour Away

Chris Elliott
Satellite UFO Jet Plane or Star

Dave Falk
Love Breaks All the Rules

Rick Fines
Riley Wants His Life Back

All the Wrong Things

Gina Forsyth
You Are Here

Lennie Gallant
The Open Window

Mark Haines & Tom Leighton
Hand to Hand

Vicky Harris

Lara Herscovich

Cheryl Hoenemeyer
Crowded Bed

Ron Hynes
Get Back Change

Justine Kay
Dreaming in Colour

Terry Kitchen
That's How It Used to Be

Fred Koller
No Song Left to Sell


Toupey Luft
A Season with Athena

David Ross MacDonald
Far From Here

The Malvinas
Love, Hope & Transportation

Tina Marzola
She's Ready

Eleanor McCain

Dave McCann & the Ten-Toed Frogs
Woodland Tea

Danny Michel

Hunter Moore

Carrie Newcomer
Betty's Diner

Angie Palmer
A Certain Kind of Distance

Ellis Paul
The Speed of Trees

Wyckham Porteous

Paul Porter
Paul Porter

John Prine
Fair & Square

Terry Radigan

Mae Robertson

Adam Michael Rothberg
All the Whispering

Gina Scipione

Erica Smith

Andy Stochansky
Five Star Motel

Kristin Sweetland
Root, Heart & Crown

Kate Taylor
Beautiful Road

Louise Taylor
Velvet Town

Terry Tufts
Walk On

Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard

various artists
The Angels are Singing: A Women's Bluegrass Gospel Collection
Hear & Gone in 60 Seconds
Just Because I'm a Woman: Songs of Dolly Parton

Peter Verity
High Flyer

Cheryl Wheeler
Different Stripe

Effron White
Day in the Sun

Tom Wilson
On the Radio

Patti Witten
Sycamore Tryst