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Bluegrass, Country,
Old-Time & Appalachian

Country and bluegrass are distinctive, immensely popular forms of "American folk music," but the lines defining them are becoming harder to map. Old-timey instrumentalists often provide a bluegrassy flair, while alt-country musicians are crossing boundaries into mainstream pop and rock. Appalachian music in particular retains similarities to its Celtic roots.



Acoustic Endeavors
Sneak Preview (2000)

Charlie Adams
Quviasupunga (1997)

Jay Boy Adams
The Shoe Box (2006)

Jody Adams
Voices of Home (2010)

Tom Adams & Michael Cleveland
Live at the Ragged Edge (2004)

Adkins & Loudermilk
Adkins & Loudermilk (2015)

Dave Adkins
Dave Adkins (2016)

Dave Adkins & Republik Steele
That's Just the Way I Roll (2013)

Tom Adler & Co.
Sweet Nell: New Old-Time Tunes (2002)

Mike Aiken
Captains & Cowboys (2013)

Darin & Brooke Aldridge
Live at Red, White & Bluegrass! (2012)
Snapshots (2014)
Faster & Farther (2017)

Gary Allan
Smoke Rings in the Dark (1999)

Alternate Roots
Branching Out (2002)

Tommy Alverson
Country to the Bone (2007)

Kitty Amaral
Fiddle Gems (2014)

Amazing Grace Praise Band
Glorious Triumph (2003)

Amazing Rhythm Aces, with Donna Dean
Money (2002)

American Drive
American Drive (2012)

Joyce Anderson
The Girl I Left Behind (2000)
Right Where I Should Be (2003)

Kasey Anderson
Harold St. Blues (2001)

Muriel Anderson
Arioso from Paris (1992)
A Little Christmas Gift, with Jean-Felix Lalanne (1999)
Wildcat (2005)

Angel Band
With Roots & Wings (2008)

Darol Anger
Diary of a Fiddler (1999)
Jam, with Mike Marshall (1999)
The Duo Live: At Home & On the Range, with Mike Marshall (2002)
Gloryland, with Anonymous 4 & Mike Marshall (2006)

Lisa Angelle
Lisa Angelle (2000)

Anna & Elizabeth
Anna & Elizabeth (2015)

Ann-Marita (2004)

Anonymous 4
Gloryland, with Darol Anger & Mike Marshall (2006)

Nancy Apple
Outside the Lines (2000)
Shoulda Lied About That (2003)
River Road or Rail, with Rob McNurlin (2005)

Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem
Cocktail Swing (2001)
Gambling Eden (2003)
Big Old Life (2007)

Asleep at the Wheel
Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2003)

Atomic City Rhythm Rascals
Atomic City Rhythm Rascals (2001)

Audrey Auld
Tonk (2013)

Maggie Austin
Time & Again (2002)

Jay Aymar
Halfway Home (2010)
Passing Through (2011)


The Backstabbers Country Stringband
Let the Sunshine In (2002)

Bad Dog
Oldtime Blah Blah Blah (2005)

Bad Livers
Horses in the Mines (1994)

Kevin Patrick Baiko
Fool's Gold (2003)

The Bailey Brothers & the Happy Valley Boys
Take Me Back to Happy Valley (2002)

Fred Bailey
Ain't Comin' Back This Year (2002)

T.S. Baker
Through the Shadows (2003)

David Ball
Amigo (2001)

Earl Poole Ball
Pianography (2013)

BareBones & WildFlowers
BareBones & WildFlowers (1998)
Higher Than the Moon (2000)
Days Will Go By (2003)

Bobby Bare Jr.'s Young Criminal's Starvation League
From the End of Your Leash (2004)
The Longest Meow (2006)

Barleywine Revue
Barleywine Revue (2011)

Baucom, Bibey & BlueRidge
Come Along With Me (2002)

Riley Baugus
Long Steel Rail (2006)

Doors & Windows (2009)

Mike Beck
Tribute (2013)

Kim Beggs
Wanderer's Paean (2006)
Blue Bones (2010)

Glenna Bell
The Road Less Traveled (2008)
Perfectly Legal: Songs of Sex, Love & Murder (2010)

Jan Bell & the Cheap Dates
Songs for Love Drunk Sinners (2007)

Mike Bella
Lost in the Shuffle (2005)

Gary Bennett
Human Condition (2006)

Kristin Scott Benson
Stringworks (2016)

Dierks Bentley
Modern Day Drifter (2005)

Marc Berger
Ride (2011)

John Berry
Songs & Stories (2003)
I Give My Heart (2004)

Alan Bibey
In the Blue Room (2000)

Ray Bierl
Any Place I Hang My Hat (2007)

Big Blue Hearts
Here Come Those Dreams Again (2005)

Big Country Bluegrass
On Fire (2006)
Open for Business (2008)

Big Leg Emma
The Color of Wind (2004)

Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys
What a Dream It's Been (2013)

Big Smith & Family
From Hay to Zzzzzz: Hillbilly Songs for Kids (2004)

Big Trout Radio
Songs About Fishing (2003)

Jeff Bisch
40-Watt Stars (2002)

Just Taste It (2001)

Greg Blake
Songs of Heart & Home (2015)

Norman Blake
Old Ties (2002)
Wood, Wire & Words (2015)

Norman & Nancy Blake
The Morning Glory Ramblers (2004)
Back Home in Sulphur Springs (2005)

Mike Blakely
West of You (1999)

Audie Blaylock & Redline
I'm Going Back to Old Kentucky (2011)
Hard Country (2012)

Patty Blee
Disguise (2002)

Blind Boys of Alabama
•  Take the High Road (2011)

The Blind Boys of Alabama & Taj Mahal
Talkin' Christmas (2014)

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers
Anywhere Else? (2005)
Appalachian Trail (2008)
Myths & Routines (2012)

Ron Block
Faraway Land (2001)

Rustie Blue
Enter at Your Own Risk (2002)
Chip Chip (2004)

Blue Canyon Boys
Just an Ol' Dirt Road (2005)
Next Go 'Round (2012)

Bluegrass Alliance
Re-Alliance (2001)

Bluegrass Diamonds
Les Souvenirs de Mon Enfance (2002)
Some of Our Favorites, Hopefully Yours (2003)

The Bluegrass Patriots
Springtime in the Rockies (2004)

Blue Highway
Still Climbing Mountains (2001)
Big Time, with Rob Ickes (2004)
Through the Window of a Train (2008)

Blue Mafia
Pray for Rain (2015)
Hanging Tree (2016)

The Blue Shadows
On the Floor of Heaven (2010)

Overthinking (2002)

Jason Boland & the Stragglers
Somewhere in the Middle (2004)

Ray Bonneville
Rough Luck (2000)
Roll It Down (2003)

Border Bluegrass
When the Wagon was New, with Tom Wilson (1997)

Natasha Borzilova
Cheap Escape (2008)

Boundary Water Boys
Acoustic Crossroads (2005)

Bob Bovee & Gail Heil
When the Cactus is in Bloom (2000)

The Boxcars
It's Just a Road (2013)
Familiar with the Ground (2016)

Eric Brace & Peter Cooper
You Don't Have to Like Them Both (2008)
Master Sessions (2010)
The Comeback Album (2013)

Dale Ann Bradley
Catch Tomorrow (2006)
Don't Turn Your Back (2009)
Dale Ann Bradley (2017)

Brand New Strings
Stay Tuned (2012)

Chris Brashear & Peter McLaughlin
Canyoneers (2003)

Jimmie Bratcher
This is Blues Country (2017)

Hold with Hope (2000)

Terry Brennan
Roads (2004)
Storms & Dreams (2004)

Gary Brewer & the Kentucky Ramblers
Home Brew (2001)

The Kenneth Brian Band
Welcome to Alabama (2011)

Billy & Bryn Bright
Billy & Bryn Bright (2000)

Fletcher Bright & Bill Evans
Fine Times at Fletcher's House (2013)

Mark Brine
Fortunes: The Best of Mark Brine (2004)
I'm Not Anyone: The Nashville Sessions (2005)

Erica Brooke
Heart Like Mine (2003)

Rachel Brooke
A Killer's Dream (2012)

The Brothers Comatose
Songs from the Stoop (2010)
Respect the Van (2012)

Alison Brown
Fair Weather (2000)
Replay (2002)
Stolen Moments (2005)

Burgandy Brown
My Lucky 13 (2007)

Greg Brown
The Evening Call (2006)

Jim Ed Brown
In Style Again (2015)

Junior Brown
Live at the Continental Club: The Austin Experience (2005)

Kevin Brown
The Beloved Country (2012)

Cowboy Roy Brown
Street Singer (2007)

Brown, Sullivan & Co.
Magnum Banjos (1972/2000)

Michael Jerome Browne
Drive On (2002)
Michael Jerome Browne & the Twin Rivers String Band (2004)

Albert E. Brumley Jr.
I'll Fly Away (2003)

Peter Bruntnell
Ends of the Earth (2002)

James Bryan & Carl Jones
Cricket's Lullaby (2012)

The Buckerettes
The Buckerettes (2008)

The Bucking Mules
The Bucking Mules (2016)

Buck Mountain Band
Moon Behind the Hills (2006)

Paul Burch
Fool for Love (2003)

The Burns Sisters
Out of the Blue (2000)

Burrito Deluxe
The Whole Enchilada (2004)

Johnny Bush
Kashmere Gardens Mud (2007)

Sam Bush
Ice Caps: Peaks of Telluride (2000)
King of My World (2004)
Laps in Seven (2006)

Butcher's Blind
Destination Blues (2013)

Gene Butler Band
Concrete Country (2006)

Jon Byrd
Down at the Well of Wishes (2011)
Route 41 (2014)

Jim Byrnes
My Walking Stick (2009)
I Hear the Wind in the Wires (2012)


The Cactus Blossoms
You're Dreaming (2016)

Cagley, Black, Schaefer & Njoes
Friends in Music (2001)

Billy Caldwell
Out of My League (2006)

Lisa Cameron
End of Blue (2004)

Shawn Camp
Live at the Station Inn (2004)
Fireball (2006)

Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan
Ramblin' Man (2005)

Kate Campbell
Rosaryville (1999)
Save the Day (2008)

Shelley Campbell
Blue Ridge Reveille (2004)

Candlewyck (2001)

Acie Cargill & the Stone in the Shoes Band
In the Willow Garden (2002)

Liz Carlisle
Five Star Day (2005)
Big Dreams (2007)

Hayes Carll
Kmag Yoyo (& Other American Stories) (2011)

James Carothers
Honky Tonk Land (2014)

The Carrivick Sisters
Jupiter's Corner (2009)
From the Fields (2011)

Carrie Ann Carroll
You Should Know (2014)

Sandy Carroll
Just As I Am (2011)
Unnaturally Blonde (2013)
Last Southern Belle (2015)

Kendel Carson
Rearview Mirror Tears (2007)

The Carsons
.CA (2001)

Deana Carter
Father Christmas (2001)
The Chain (2007)

The Carter Family
The Unbroken Circle: The Musical Heritage of the Carter Family (2004)

The Cash Brothers
A Brand New Night (2003)

Johnny Cash
At Folsom Prison (1968)
American 3: Solitary Man (2002)
Dressed in Black: A Tribute to Johnny Cash (2002)
Cash Unearthed (2003)
Johnny's Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash (2003)

June Carter Cash
Press On (1999/2003)

Buzz Cason
Hats Off to Hank (2007)

Robert Lee Castleman
Crazy As Me (2000)

Cedar Hill
Portrait of a Song (2006)

The Celebrated Renaissance Band
Real Live American Music (2003)

Celtic Soul
Wee Blue Man (2001)
Ways (2002)

Kasey Chambers
The Captain (2000)

Bob Cheevers
Texas to Tennessee (2005)

Cherryholmes (2005)

Ray Chesna
Every Day Above Ground is a Good One (1995)

Kathy Chiavola
From Where I Stand (2000)

James Christian & the Oriskany Strings
The Train Don't Run Here Anymore (2006)

The Churchmen
On the Journey Home (2003)

The Circuit Riders
Let the Ride Begin (2007)

Mickey Clark
Winding Highways (2009)

Playing Hard to Forget (2016)

Cowboy Jack Clement
Guess Things Happen That Way (2004)

Rod Clements
Stamping Ground (2000)

Michael Cleveland
Flame Keeper (2002)
Live at the Ragged Edge, with Tom Adams (2004)

Michael Cleveland & Flamekeeper
On Down the Line (2014)

Gina Clowes
 True Colors (2017)

The Clumsy Lovers
After the Flood (2004)

Commander Cody
Dopers, Drunks & Everyday Losers (2009)

Karen Collins & the Backroads Band
Tail Light Blues (2007)

Kevin Collins
From an Island to an Island, Vol. 1 (2003)
Jump In & Swim (2004)
This is My Home (2004)
The Photograph (2006)
Full Circle: From an Island to an Island, Vol. 2 (2007)

Wendy Conrad
Ghosts That Aren't Mine (1998)

Elizabeth Cook
Hey Y'all (2002)
Welder (2010)

Jack Cooke
Sittin' on Top of the World (2006)

Peter Cooper
Mission Door (2008)
You Don't Have to Like Them Both, with Eric Brace (2008)
The Lloyd Green Album (2010)
Master Sessions, with Eric Brace (2010)
The Comeback Album, with Eric Brace (2013)
Opening Day (2013)

Larry Cordle
Give Me Jesus (2017)

Larry Cordle & Lonesome Standard Time
All-Star Duets (2014)

Corn Potato String Band
"Good Job Everybody" (2017)

J.P. Cormier
Primary Color (2002)
Looking Back: The Instrumentals (2005)
Looking Back: The Songs (2005)

The Country Boys
Sing Bluegrass & Gospel (2006)

Cousin Harley
It's a Sin (2010)
The Dutch Sessions (2015)

John Cowan
John Cowan (2000)

The Crooked Jades
Seven Sisters: A Kentucky Portrait (2001)
The Unfortunate Rake: Vol. 1 (2001)
The Unfortunate Rake, Vol. 2: Yellow Mercury (2003)
World's on Fire (2006)
Shining Darkness (2008)

Amber Cross
Savage on the Downhill (2017)

Darren Crossey
Coming Home (2003)

We're Gonna Rise (2014)

Josh Crowe
Sincerely (2004)

Crowe, Lawson & Williams
Old Friends Get Together (2010)
Standing Tall & Tough (2014)

Rodney Crowell
The Outsider (2005)

David Culiner
Onward (2001)

The Cumberlands
Bridging the Gap (2002)

Brad Cunningham Band
Every Inch of Texas (2016)

Miley Cyrus
Hannah Montana (2006)