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La Bottine Souriante
Chic & Swell (1988)
Jusqu'aux p'tites heures ('Til the wee hours) (1991)
La Mistrine (1994)
En Spectacle (1996)
Xième (1998)
Cordial (2001)

The Lacemakers
The Lacemakers (2012)

Lady Godiva
Zooperation (2003)

The Laggan
I am the Common Man (2002)

Robin Laing
The Angels' Share (1997)
The Water of Life (2003)
One for the Road (2007)
Whisky for Breakfast (2011)

Lalla Rookh
Book One -- Tales & Tradition (1998)
Do You Want Kilts with That? (2000)

Bill Lamey
Full Circle (2000)

Mary Jane Lamond
Lan Duil (2000)
performance review (2001)
Storas (2005)
Seinn, with Wendy MacIsaac (2012)

Lancaster County Prison
Every Goddamn Time (2003)

Roger Landes
Dragon Reels (2001)

Julia Lane
Song of the Sea (1998)
Yuletide Treasure: A British Isles Winter Celebration, with Deborah Friou (2002)

La Nef
Perceval: The Quest for the Grail, Vols. 1-2 (1999, 2001)

John Langstaff
The Christmas Revels (1998)

Grey Larsen & Paddy League
The Green House (2001)
Dark of the Moon (2003)

Custer LaRue
The Daemon Lover, with the Baltimore Consort (1993)
Ballads (1999)
Amazing Grace, with the Baltimore Consort (2001)

An Raicin Alainn (2002)
Flame of Wine (2005)

Grit Laskin
A Few Simple Words (1995)
Earthly Concerns (1998)
Unabashedly Folk (2000)

Last Night's Fun
Tempered (2004)

Laune Rangers
Launie Tunes (1999)

Eileen Laverty
Dancing with Angels (1999)
Ground Beneath My Feet (2006)

Stevie Lawrence
Standing Alone (2002)

Lazy Jacks
Journey's End (2002)

David Leask
Tightrope of Dreams (2003)

Leahy (1996)
Lakefield (2001)

Josh Lederman y Los Diablos
It's a Long & Lonely Time Until the Train Will Bring You Home (2001)
The Town's Old Fair (2004)

Navan (1998)

Lehto & Wright
Ye Mariners All (2000)
The Further Adventures of Darling Cory (2002)
A Game of Chess (2003)

David Leinweber
Old World Folk (2005)

Noel Lenaghan
No Trouble at All (2003)
A Long Time Since (2008)

Contrary Motion: Lenahan Plays Acoustic (1998)
Hooligans in Suits: Live in the UK (2000)
Brand New Bag (2002)

Les Batinses
Tripotages (2000)

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller
In a Bleeze (2008)
Shadows Tall (2010)

John Graham Leslie
The Land, the River, the Sea (2008)

Les Witches
Fortune My Foe: Music of Shakespeare's Time (1999)

Le Vent du Nord
Maudite Moisson (2003)

Anwyn & George Leverett
Altar Wind (2007)

Denya LeVine
Shadow of a Rose (2004)

Michael J. Lewis
The Romantic Splendour of Wales (Gogoniant Rhamantaidd Cymru) (1996)

Tom Lewis
Mixed Cargo (1999)
360 Degrees (2003)

Jennifer Licko
Cave of Gold (1999)
Language of the Gaels, with Alan Chapman (2002)

Little Falls (2013)

Little Windows
Just Beyond Me (2006)

Mim Twm Llai
Straeon y Cymdogion (2005)

Thomas Loefke & Friends
Norland Wind (1994)

Wolf Loescher
Holy Grail (1999)

Lorraine a' Malena
Mirror Mirror (2005)

Loscoe State Opera
Dawnbird (2000)

The Love Hall Tryst
Songs of Misfortune (2005)

Heloise Love
Song for the Mira (2005)

Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies
Tenterhooks (1995)
The Parish Notices (1998)
Live at the Davy Lamp (2000)
Two a Roue, with Jake Walton (2001)
Honesty Box (2002)
Doolally (2004)
Tenterhooks (The Art Edition) (2005)

Otherworld (1999)
performance review (2000)
Se (2006)
With the RTE Concert Orchestra (2013)

Carole & Teresa Lundgren with Steve Eulberg
Random Acts of Fiddling (1999)

Lisa Lynne
Daughters of the Celtic Moon (1998)
Seasons of the Soul (1999)
Maiden's Prayer (2002)

Angus Lyon
Long Road (2001)

The Crystal Spring/Y Ffynnon Risial (2003)

mini index
Buddy MacDonald
Howie MacDonald
Ashley MacIsaac
Buddy MacMaster
Natalie MacMaster
Scott Macmillan
Jed Marum
Karen Matheson
Lydia McCauley
Loreena McKennitt
Dan McKinnon
The McKrells
Katie McMahon
Tony McManus
El McMeen
Ian Melrose
Men of the Deeps
Will Millar
Christy Moore
Pamela Morgan
Jo Morrison


Pol MacAdaim
If We Don't Help Them Now (2002)

Highwired (2000)

Connie MacAskill
Closer to Home (2001)

Ishbel MacAskill
Essentially Ishbel (2000)
performance review (2001)

Jimmy MacBeath
Tramps & Hawkers (2002)
Two Gentlemen of the Road, with Davie Stewart (2002)

Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd
Blow Boys Blow: Songs of the Sea (2006)

Ewan MacColl & Peggy Seeger
Classic Scots Ballads (2005)

Mickey MacConnell
Joined Up Writing (2000)
Peter Pan & Me (2005)

Alasdair MacCuish & the Black Rose Ceilidh Band
Stepping Out (2002)

Oisin Mac Diarmada
Ar an Bhfidil (2002)
Ar an Bhfidil (On the Fiddle): Irish Fiddle Music from Sligo (2004)

Buddy MacDonald
Getting Dark Again, with John Ferguson (1996)
We Remember You Well (2000)
performance review (2001)
Live: A Night at the Pub (2002)

Catriona MacDonald
Bold (2000)

Finlay MacDonald
Finlay MacDonald (2000)

The Finlay MacDonald Band
Re-Echo (2007)

Howie MacDonald
Live ... & Lively (1991)
The Ceilidh Trail (1993)
The Dance Last Night (1997)
Just Relax (1998)
WhY2Keilidh (1999)
CapeBretonFiddleMusicNOTCalm, with Ashley MacIsaac (2001)
performance review (2001)
Howie's Celtic Brew (2002)

John Spyder MacDonald
By Sea, By Land (2000)

Tom MacDonald
Celtic Tenor (2002)

Kendra MacGillivray
Over the Waves (2000)
performance review (2001)

Troy MacGillivray
Musical Ties (2001)

Geraldine MacGowan
Reconciliation (1995)
'Til the Morning Comes (1996)
Timeless (1999)

Shane MacGowan
The Rare Oul Stuff, with the Popes (2001)
If I Should Fall from Grace DVD (2001)

Iain Mac Harg
Rooted In Tradition (1999)
A Celtic Christmas (2000)

Iain MacInnes
Tryst (1999)

Kathleen MacInnes
Summer Dawn (2006)

Maggie MacInnes
Spiorad Beatha: The Spirit of Life (2001)
Leaving Mingulay (2009)

Mairi MacInnes
This Feeling Inside (1995)
performance review (2000)
Orosay (2001)

Jamie MacInnis & Paul MacNeil
Fosgail an Dorus (1992)

Sandy MacIntyre
Steeped in Tradition (1997)
performance review (2001)

Ashley MacIsaac
A Cape Breton Christmas (1993)
Hi, How Are You Today? (1995)
Helter's Celtic (2000)
CapeBretonFiddleMusicNOTCalm, with Howie MacDonald (2001)
performance review (2001)
Ashley MacIsaac (2002)
Crossover (2011)

Matt MacIsaac
The Piping Album (2004)

Wendy MacIsaac
That's What You Get (1996)
performance review (2001)
Timeline (2003)
Seinn, with Mary Jane Lamond (2012)
Off the Floor (2014)

Plaid (1997)

Notes from a Hebridean Island, with William Jackson (2001)
Fama Clamosa (2002)

Fiona Mackenzie
Duan Nollaig (2007)
A Good Suit of Clothes (2009)

Fiona Mackenzie & Arthur Cormack
Seinn! O Ho Ro Seinn! (2003)

Laura MacKenzie
Evidence: Songs, Airs & Waltzes (2003)
Laura & the Lads (2003)

Talitha MacKenzie
Spiorad (Spirit) (1996)
Indian Summer (2007)

Lewis MacKinnon
A Seo (Here) (2006)

Norman MacKinnon
Western Promise (2003)

Bob MacLean
Dancing on a String (1998)

Dougie MacLean
The Dougie MacLean Collection (1995)
Who Am I (2001)

Joe Peter MacLean
Back of Boisdale (2005)

Donald MacLellan
The Dusky Meadow (2003)

Angus Macleod
The Silent Ones: A Legacy of the Highland Clearances (2000)

Cynthia MacLeod
Head Over Heels (2002)
Riddle (2010)

Kevin MacLeod
Dorney Rock (2006)

Kevin Macleod & Alec Finn
Polbain to Oranmore (2003)

Buddy MacMaster
The Judique Flyer (2000)
performance review (2000)
Cape Breton Tradition (2003)
Buddy MacMaster in Concert (video)

Natalie MacMaster
No Boundaries (1996)
My Roots Are Showing (1998)
In My Hands (1999)
performance review (1999)
Live (2002)
Yours Truly (2006)
Cape Breton Girl (2011)

Gillebride MacMillan
Thogainn ort fonn (2006)

Scott Macmillan
Celtic Mass for the Sea (1994)
The Minnie Sessions, Vol. 1 (1996)
The Minnie Sessions, Vol. 2 (1997)
The Minnie Sessions, Vol. 3 (1998)

Flora MacNeil
Orain Floraidh (2000)
performance review (2000)

Finlay MacNeill
Fonn is Furan (1982/2000)

Catherine-Ann MacPhee
Canan Nan Gaidheal (The Language of the Gael) (1987/1993)
Suil Air Ais (Looking Back) (2004)

Cyril MacPhee
Back on Track (2001)

Mac Umba
Don't Hold Your Breath (1996)

Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Going Down with Alice (2000)

Mad Pudding
Dirt & Stone (1996)

Elemental Grace (2000)
Reverie (2001)

Maeve (2004)

Manus Maguire
Saffron & Blue (2000)

Frank Maher & the Mahers Bahers
Mahervelous (2005)

Tommy Makem
The Legendary Tommy Makem Collection (2007)

The Makem & Spain Brothers
Live (2006)

Karen Mal
Dark-Eyed Sailor (2005)

3 Ravens (2002)
The Unseen Hours (2005)
Flower & Iron (2008)

Dance of the Comedians (2007)

Claire Mann
Claire Mann (2001)
Secret Orders, with Aaron Jones (2005)

Tad Marks
The Back Road Home (1994)

Jody Marshall
Cottage in the Glen (2005)

Stuart Martz Band
Threesome Reel (1997)

Jed Marum
Streets of Fall River (2000)
Soul of a Wanderer (2002)
Fighting Tigers of Ireland (2004)
Miles from Home (2005)
Cross Over the River (2006)
Lone Star Stout (2007)
Ain't No Goin' Back (2008)
Sands of Aberdeen (2008)
Rejoice (2011)

Anna Massie
Glad Company (2003)

Matapat (1998)
Petit Fou (2001)

Ado Matheson
Out on the Islands (2003)

Karen Matheson
The Dreaming Sea (1996)
Time to Fall (2002)
Downriver (2005)

Kathy Mattea
Roses (2002)

Julie Matthews & Chris While
Piecework (1998)

Beth May
Ciuin Ceol (Peaceful Music) (2001)

Simon Mayor
New Celtic Mandolin (1998)
Laughing with the Moon, with Hilary James (2004)
Music From a Small Island (2006)

Scott McAllister
Journey (2002)

Chad McAnally & Shawn McBurnie
Blackbird from the Willow Sings (2011)

Oisin McAuley
Far from the Hills of Donegal (2007)

The McCabes
Whatever Makes You Tick (2002)
Dark Before the Dawn (2004)

Nancy McCallion & the Mollys
Trouble (2003)

The McCalmans
Where the Sky Meets the Sea (2002)
McCalman Singular (2004)
Coming Home (2009)

The McCarrel Sisters
Wide Awake & Dreaming (2003)

Rory McCarthy & the Preycawns
When is Daddy Coming Home (2006)

Lydia McCauley
Sabbath Day's Journey (1998)
Entrances (1999)
The Beauty of the Earth (2002)
The Moon of Wintertime (2002)
ForeignLander (2004)

Brendan McCloud
On the Edge of Time (Ancient Futures) (1999)

Ted McCormac
Rough & Ready (1997)

Willie McCulloch
Auld Tales & New (2005)

Raymond McCullough
The Great China Bike Ride (2004)
Into Jerusalem (2005)

Peter McCune
Memories Embrace (2005)

John McCutcheon
The Wind That Shakes the Barley (1977/2000)

The McDades
For Reel (2002)

P.J. McDonald
The Long Road Home (2012)

Steve McDonald
Highland Farewell (2000)
Winter in Scotland: a Highland Christmas, with Hollie Smith (2000)

Eleanor McEvoy
Yola (2001)
Special Edition (2003)
Out There (2006)
Love Must be Tough (2008)

Johnny McEvoy
Going to California (2003)
Trilogy (2007)
Into the Cauldron (2017)

Eileen McGann
Heritage (1997)

The McGillicuddys
Kilt by Death (2002)

Atlantic Favorites (1993)
Atlantic Favourites II (1998)
Sea Songs (2000)
performance review (2001)

Michael McGoldrick
Fused (2000)
Wired (2005)

Manus McGuire
Fiddlewings (2006)

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout
Laebrack (2005)

Paul McKenna Band
Between Two Worlds (2009)
Elements (2013)

Loreena McKennitt
Elemental (1985)
To Drive the Cold Winter Away (1987)
Parallel Dreams (1989)
The Visit (1991)
The Mask & Mirror (1994)
A Winter Garden (1995)
The Book of Secrets (1997)
Live in Paris & Toronto (1999)

Susan McKeown
Bones, with the Chanting House (1996)
Lowlands (2001)

Dan McKinnon
Chasing Sunsets (1995)
Between Wind & Water (1997)
Songs from the Hearth (2000)
Fields of Dreams & Glory (2005)

Ian McKinnon & Gayle H. Martin
Air Races (2000)

The McKrells
Live (1999)
Merry Christmas (1999)
Better Days (2002)
Hit the Ground Running (2002)

Katie McMahon
After the Morning (1998)
Shine (2001)
Celtic Christmas (2003)

Tony McManus
Return to Kintail, with Alasdair Fraser (1999)
Ceol More (2002)
Singing Sands, with Alain Genty (2005)
The Maker's Mark (2008)
Mysterious Boundaries (2013)

El McMeen
The Lea Rig (2001)
Breakout (2002)
Dancing the Strings: Celtic to Contemporary (2004)
The Soul of Christmas Guitar (2004)
Amazing Grace (2006)

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
White Wings (2007)

Katie McNally
Flourish (2012)

Adam McNaughtan
The Words That I Used to Know (2000)

Brian McNeill & Friends
The Falkirk Music Pot (2015)

Liz McNicholl
Grand Central Station (2002)

Joe McPartland
Songs o' Bonnie Scotland (1997)

Gillie McPherson
Our Street (2006)

Spade McQuade & the Allstars
Spade McQuade & the Allstars (2003)

Sarah McQuaid
The Plum Tree & the Rose (2012)
 If We Dig Any Deeper It Could Get Dangerous (2018)

Ralph McTell
The Boy With a Note (1999)

Kirk S. McWhorter
Brambleshire Wood (1999)
Eye of the Storm (2002)

Freefall (2000)

Alan Mearns
The Tree (2003)

Méav (1998)
Silver Sea (2002)

On the Side (2004)

Ian Melrose
Wolves (1994)
Between the Sighs (1998)
A Scottish Legacy (2001)

Men of the Deeps
Diamonds in the Rough (1992)
Coal Fire in Winter (1996)
Mining the Soul, with Rita MacNeil (2000)

Men of Worth
Live in Folsom (1997)

The Men They Couldn't Hang
The Cherry Red Jukebox (2003)

Todd Menton
Where Will You Land (2003)

The Merry Wives of Windsor
Tales from Windsor's Tavern (2007)

Midnight Court
Ring the Bell ... Run Like Hell (2001)

The Mighty Rooster
Red Room (2002)

Auga de Maio (2000)

Will Millar
The Lark in the Clear Aire (1994)
Celtic Reverie: Women of Ireland (1996)
Celtic Seasons of Enchantment (1998)
Journey of the Celts, with Paul Horn (2001)

Ed Miller
The Edinburgh Rambler (1997)

David Milligan Trio
Late Show (2003)

Millish (2005)

Dan Milner
Irish Ballads & Songs of the Sea (1998)
Irish Pirate Ballads & Other Songs of the Sea (2009)

Over the Edge (1998)

Ardal (2006)

The Mollys, with Nancy McCallion
Trouble (2003)

Joe Monaghan
All the Roadside Stops (1997)

The Monks of Glenstal Abbey
Biscantorat: Sound of the Spirit (2004)

Christy Moore
Ride On (1984)
Unfinished Revolution (1987)
King Puck (1993)
Collection, Part II (1997)
The Box Set 1964-2004 (2004)

Jeff Moore
The Dove's Perch (2006)

Kelly Moore
Celebrate! (2002)

More Power to Your Elbow
Sold Out: Live at the Arena (1994)
Fingers of Fun (1997)

Morgaine Le Fay
Up She Flew (1997)

Elaine Morgan
Shine On (2002)

Pamela Morgan
The Colour of Amber, with Anita Best (1991)
On a Wing & a Prayer (1996)
Amber Christmas (1998)
Seven Years (2002)

Tudur Morgan
Naw Stryd Madryn (2004)

Mac Morin
Mac Morin (2003)

Morning Star
Grá (1999)
Away Ye Go Now! (2001)

The Morrigan
Hidden Agenda (2002)

Fred Morrison, with Jamie McMenemy
Up South (2003)

Hugh Morrison
Feet to the Floor (2003)
Far From Home (2005)
Under a Texas Skye (2007)
Robert Burns Rocks (2010)

Jo Morrison
The Three Musics (1998)
A Waulking Tour of Scotland (2000)
Christmas Gifts: Holiday Music on Celtic Harp (2003)

Lynn Morrison
Cave of Gold: Celtic Lullabies (2001)

Phyllis Morrissey
Woman of the Island (1995)

Karla K. Morton & Howard Baer
Wee Cowrin' Timorous Beastie (2007)

Pete Morton
Trespass (1999)

Gwilym Morus
Traffig (2005)

Robert Mouland
Fireside Tales: Stories & Music from the Irish Tradition (1999)

Mountain Thyme
West Virginia Chose Me (1997)
A Smile at the Door (2006)

Mouth Music
Seafaring Man (2001)

Moving Cloud
Moving Cloud (1995)
Foxglove (1998)

Jenna Moynihan
Woven (2015)

Live from the Powerhouse (2004)

Josephine Mulvenna
Spirit of the Song (2004)

David Munnelly
By Heck (2004)

Donnie Munro
Heart of America: Across the Great Divide (2006)

John Munro
Plying My Trade (2007)

Ross Munro
Twisted Tradition (2015)

Chris Murphy
Juniper (2004)
Noir (2004)

Matt Murphy
Songs at Random (2009)

Andrew Murray
Hell or High Water (2005)

Patricia Murray
Primrose (2001)
performance review (2001)
Failt Eilein a' Phrionnsa (Welcome to Prince Edward Island) (2005)

The Muses
Tramps & Hawkers (2004)

Music in the Glen
A Highland Journey, Vol. 2 (2012)

Mutiny Gone Overboard
Mutiny Gone Overboard (2002)

Mystic Harmony
Kindle a Flame (2005)