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Prasant Radhakrishnan
Swara Sudha (2000)

The Radost Folk Ensemble
Heirloom: 25 Years (2001)

Při Mnĕ Stůj (Stand By Me) (2003)

Raga Nova
self-titled (2003)

Ramin Rahimi & Tapesh
Iranian Percussion (2009)

Rama IV
Silk Mind (2000)

Susheela Raman
Music for Crocodiles (2006)

Till Ljusan Dag (2000)

Raj Rangayan & Utpal Mazumdar
In Tune With You (1998)
Just in Time ... Just for You! (1998)
If You Have the Time (2000)
Listen, Honey ... A Melodious Love Story (2003)

Devotion (2000)
Neoprehistoric (2001)

The Afro-Brazilian Project (2003)

Red Road Crossing
Native American Chants & Dances (1997)

Reggae Cowboys
Stone Ranger (2003)

TJ Rehmi
The Warm Chill (2004)

Keali'i Reichel
Kukahi: Keali'i Reichel Live in Concert (2007)

Oscar Reynolds
Rio de Luz/River of Light (2004)

Konrad Rhee
Night Flight - A Separate Reality (2001)

Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Happytown (2001)
Bon Reve (2003)

Robbie Robertson & the Red Road Ensemble
Music for the Native Americans (1994)

Cecilio Rodriguez
Sweet Surprise (2004)

Sabbatum (2002)

Shao Rong
Orchid (2000)

self-titled (2002)


DJ Cheb I Sabbah
Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed (2000)
As Far As: A DJ Mix (2003)

Krook! (1997)
Apelgra (2000)

Michel Sajrawy
Yathrib (2006)

self-titled (2002)

Owana Ka'ohelelani Salazar
Owana (2000)

Felipe Salles
South American Suite (2007)

Monica Salmaso
Iaia (2004)

Salsa Celtica
The Great Scottish Latin Adventure (2000)
El Agua de La Vida (2003)

Embalasasa (2005)

Sancto Ianne
Mo Siente (2006)
Trase (2013)

Ballads of the Sephardic Jews (1999)
Sacred Women (2001)

Chandrakant Sardeshmukh
Pure Joy (1998)
Celebration 80th Birthday (2000)

SAVAE (San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble)
Ancient Echoes: Music from the Time of Jesus & Jerusalem's Second Temple (2004)
La Noche Buena: Christmas Music of Colonial Latin America (2005)

Roger Scannura & Ritmo Flamenco
Misterio (2001)
Noche Flamenco (2006)

Gregori Schechter & the Wandering Few
Klezmer (2003)

Márta Sebestyén
Kismet (1996)

Susana Seivane
self-titled (2000)
Alma de Buxo (2002)

Daniele Sepe
Anime Candide: War & Love Songs (2003)

Ras Shaggai
I Awake (2002)

Mohammad Reza Shajarian & Kayhan Kalhor
Night Silence Desert (2000)

Ravi Shankar
Flute & Sitar Music of India (2006)

Shave the Monkey
The Unseelie Court (1992)

Joanne Shenandoah
Peace & Power: The Best of Joanne Shenandoah (2002)

Ejigayehu "Gigi" Shibabaw, with Bill Laswell
Abyssinia Infinite: Zion Roots (2003)
Illuminated Audio (2003)

Israeli Songs (2004)

Rumen & Angel Shopov
Soul of the Mahala (2006)

Echoes from Iliria (2006)

Jonas Simonson
Crane Dance (2007)

Kim Sinh
Music from Vietnam #4: The Artistry of Kim Sinh (2003)

Gino Sitson
Song Zin': Vocadelic Tales (2002)

Labyrinth (1999)
Live in Spain (2001)

Moira Smiley & VOCO
Blink (2006)

Peter Smith Quartet
Caliente & Cool (1998)

Snakes in Exile
Second Skin (1998)

Solomon & Socalled
HipHopKhasene (2003)

Sol y Canto
El Doble de Amigos (Twice as Many Friends) (2003)

Sonate Calabresi
I Suoni del Pollino (2008)

La Sonera Calaveras
Numero Uno (2003)

Sonora Carruseles
De Una Vez Gozando (2002)

Lief Sorbye
Folk Music from Norway (1998)

Merja Soria
Arctic Silence (2001)

Mercedes Sosa
Corazon Libre (2005)

Luciana Souza
Brazilian Duos (2002)

Flod og Fjora (1996)

Victor Spiegel
Evocation (2002)

Stars of St. Petersburg
Russia's Most Beautiful Tunes (2012)

Alan Stivell
Brian Boru (1997)
Back to Breizh (2000)

Miriam Stockley
Second Nature (2003)

Terry Strongheart Band
Tears (2001)

Jimmy Sturr
Touched By a Polka (2000)
Gone Polka (2001)
Let's Polka 'Round (2003)

Eri Sugai
Mai (2000)

Sultans of String
Yalla Yalla! (2009)

Rikedom och gavor (2008)

Svart Kaffe
Tretar (2005)

Anders Svensson
Bara for Ros Skull (2005)

self-titled (1998)


Moussu T e lei Jovents
Artemis (2012)

Ta Kavourakia
self-titled (2004)

Andean Songs (2002)

Takolo, Pirritx eta Porrotx
Poxpolin Marisorgin (2003)

Music of Russian Princesses: From the Court of Catherine the Great (2001)

Tango Negro Trio
Tango Negro Trio (2005)

Tango Siempre
Tangled (2004)
Tango Siempre (2010)

Bill Tapia
Tropical Swing (2004)

Joseba Tapia
Quebec (1999)
Agur Intxorta Maite (Basque Songs from the Spanish Civil War) (2001)

Tara Fuki
Kapka (2003)

Tim Tatum
Music & the World (2001)

Sara Tavares
Balance (2006)

Taverner Consort, Choir & Players
The Carol Album (1989)

Paul Taylor
Walkabout (1999)
Cooee: Songs & Stories from Down Under, with Don Spencer (2002)

Omar Faruk Tekbilek
One Truth (1999)

Ori Pari (1999)

Tendencia Positiva (T+)
It's an International Thing (1998)
International AXE Dance Remixes (1999)

Hungarian Gypsy Music (2006)

Terra Folk
StereoFolk Live (2001)

Terre Differenti
self-titled (2000)
Cities of Dreams (2005)

Riccardo Tesi
Acqua, Foco e Vento (Water, Fire & Wind), with Maurizio Geri (2002)
Lune, with Banditalia (2005)

Kelsang Chukie Tethong
Voice from Tara (2004)

Tha Tribe
Mad Hops & Crazy Stops (2003)

Andre Thibault
A Tropical Christmas (2005)

Think of One
Trafico (2006)

Third Planet
Third Planet (2000)

Anjani Thomas
Anjani (2000)

self-titled (2003)

The Radio Tisdas Sessions (2002)

Tin Roof Tango
Tin Roof Tango (2000)

Rob Tobias & Friends
Bagel Roots & Water Dogs (1998)
Sparks (2000)
By the River: Renewing the Jewish Spirit (2006)

The Tootosis Family
The Drums of Poundmaker: Cree Pow-Wow Songs (1997)

Nestor Torres
Sin Palabras (Without Words) (2004)

Andre Toussaint
Bahamian Ballads (2002)

Henoch Townley
Reaching Point (2001)

Trans-Global Underground
Impossible Broadcasting (2005)

Boubacar Traore
Kongo Magni (2005)

Dan Treanor
African Wind, with Frankie Lee (2004)
Mercy (2006)

Vintervisor (WinterSongs) (2000)

Two Thousand Years of Christmas (1996)

Trio Hardanger
self-titled (2003)

Trio Pantango
Tango Argentino (2012)

Under the Mediterranean Sky (1999)

Ivan Tucakov & the Tambura Rasa
Viaje (2004)

A Universe to Come (2002)

Laina Tullaugak
Piaraapivut (1999)

Alacie Tullaugaq & Lucy Amarualik
Katutjatut: Throat Singing (1998)

Arto Tuncboyaciyan
Every Day is a New Life

Karen Tweed & Timo Alakotila
May Monday (2001)


Live at Montreux 2002 (2007)

The Ukrainians
Respublika (2002)

Peter Ulrich
Enter the Mysterium (2006)

Umnachter Project
Schall & Rauch (2010)

The Unseen Guest
Out There (2004)
Check Point (2007)

Un Solo Pueblo
Venezuela (1995)

Prayer (1999)


Chucho Valdes
Virtuoso (2005)

Intimations of Sorrow (2004)

Zoe Vandermeer
If Love Be the Food of Musick (1996)

Roar Vangen
Streng (2004)

Alison Vardy
Harping On (1990)
Apasionada (2000)
Island Suite: A Solo Harp Odyssey (2003)

various artists
Africa North (2000)
African Groove (2003)
African Odyssey (2001)
African Playground (2003)
Africa Straight Ahead (2004)
Afro-Latin Party (2005)
An Afro-Portuguese Odyssey (2002)
Alan Lomax in Haiti (2009)
Allons en Louisiane (1999)
Animal Playground (2007)
Apache: Traditional Apache Songs (1998)
Arabian Travels 2 (2003)
Arabic Groove (2001)
As Far As: A DJ Mix (2003)
Asian Groove (2002)
Asian Lounge (2005)
Avantgardism: Drum n' Bass Vol. 1 (2001)

Back to the Island: Reggae from Martha's Vineyard (2001)
Bagpipes of Greece (2005)
Basque Planet (2004)
Basques: Mysteres d'une tradition (2000)
Beatwave Argentina (2004)
The Best of Africa (2005)
The Best of Cajun & Zydeco: Homebrew (2003)
 Best of Cuba (2017)
The Best of Greece, Vol. 3 (2001)
Beyond the River: Seasonal Songs of Latvia (1998)
Bhangra Beatz (2002)
Bhangra: The Sound of Bollywood (2004)
Blowers from the Balkans (2005)
Blues Around the World (2006)
Bowfire (2001)
Brazilian Groove (2003)

Cafe Lounge (2003)
Cajun (2001)
Cajun Music: The Essential Collection (2002)
Calypso After Midnight (1999)
Calypso At Midnight (1999)
Calypso: Vintage Songs from the Caribbean (2002)
Cape Verde (1999)

Caribbean Voyage -- Grenada: Creole & Yoruba Voices (2001)
Caribbean Voyage -- Martinique: Cane Fields & City Streets (2001)
Caribbean Voyage -- Nevis & St. Kitts: Tea Meetings, Christmas Sports & the Moonlight Night (2002)
Caribbean Voyage -- Saraca: Funerary Music of Carriacou (2000)
Caribbean Voyage -- Tombstone Feast: Funerary Music of Carriacou (2001)
Caribbean Voyage -- Trinidad: Carnival Roots (2000)

Carnival (2001)
Chant: Spirit in Sound (1999)
Christmas Around the World (2003)
Colombia (2001)
Congo to Cuba (2002)
Dancing with the Dead: The Music of Global Death Rites (1998)
Dreamland: World Lullabies & Soothing Songs (2003)
Drop the Debt (2003)
Dublin to Dakar: A Celtic Odyssey (1999)
East-Westercism: Vol. 1 (2001)
Electric Highlife: Sessions from the Bokoor Studios (2002)
Euro Lounge (2003)
Euskarians (2003)
EverSound Expressions, Vol. 2 (2001)

A Family Christmas (2009)
A Father & Son Reunion: The Braguinha Meets the Ukulele (1998)
Festival in the Desert (2003)
French Cafe (2003)
French Caribbean (2003)
Gamelan of Central Java I: Classical Gendings (2001)
Gamelan of Central Java II: Ceremonial Music (2002)
Gamelan of Central Java VIII: Court Music Treasures (2007)
Gamelan of Central Java IX: Songs of Wisdom & Love (2007)
Gamelan of Central Java X: Sindhen Trio (2008)
Gamelan of Central Java XI: Music of Remembrance (2008)
Gardens of Eden (2001)
Global Lounge (2002)
Global Soul (2003)
Gypsy Caravan (2001)
Gypsy Groove (2007)
Hearts, Hands & Hides: A Shamanic Journey into Native Drumming of the Americas (1997)
Here Comes ... el Son: Songs of the Beatles with a Cuban Twist (2001)
The Hidden Gate: Jewish Music Around the World (2003)
Honor: A Benefit for the Honor the Earth Campaign (1996)
Hopi Butterfly (1998)
Inuit Artist World Show Case (1996)
Israel (2007)
Italian Cafe (2005)
Italian Musical Odyssey (2000)
Italian Treasury: Abruzzo (2001)
Italian Treasury: Emilia-Romagna (2001)
Italian Treasury: Liguria: Baiardo & Imperia (2002)
Italian Treasury: Liguria: Polyphony of Ceriana (2002)
Italian Treasury: Piemonte & Valle D'Aosta (2004)

Jamaica (2001)
Jazz Around the World (2009)
A Jewish Odyssey (2000)
Latin Groove (2002)
Latin Jazz (2007)
Latin Playground (2002)
Latin Travels (2000)
Latviesu Danci (1999)
Legends of the Ukulele: Hawaiian Masters (2003)
Louisiana Gumbo (2000)
Love Songs of the World (2001)

Maha Maya: Shri Durga Remixed (2000)
Mardi Gras in New Orleans (2001)
Masters of Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar, Vol. III (2010)
Masters of the Accordion (2003)
Masters of the Harp (2003)
Mexico (2001)
Mondo Platinum (2002)
Music from Castle Dracula (1996)
Music from Macedonia 2 (2004)
Music from Montenegro (2005)
Music from the Coffee Lands II (2001)
Music from the Land of the Vampires (1996)
Music from the Tea Lands (2000)
Music from the Zydeco Kingdom (1999)
Music from Vietnam #5: Minorities from the Central Highlands & Coast (2003)
The Music of Corsica (2003)
Music of the Nile: The Original African Sanctus Journey (2003)
Music of the Silk Road (2003)

Native Music of Northwest Mexico: Tarahumara, Warihio & Mayo (1998)
Native Worlds: Tribal Meetings, Cultural World Music of the Americas (2001)
A New Groove (2007)
New Latin Xpress (2003)
New Orleans Brass (2007)
A Northern Christmas (1996)
Nuevo Latino (2004)
Nunavik Concert (1993)
Out of Cuba: Latin American Music takes Africa by Storm (2004)
Oxfam Africa: Dance Rhythms from Algeria to Zimbabwe (2001)
Peyote Ceremonial Songs (1998)
Picnic Playground (2009)
A Portrait for Strings (2001)
Prophecy: A Hearts of Space Native American Collection (1999)
Prophecy 2: A Hearts of Space Native American Collection (2008)
Protest: Songs of Struggle & Resistance from Around the World (2004)
Powwow Songs: Music from the Plains Indians (2012)
Pueblo Songs from San Juan, New Mexico (1997)
The Pulse of Brazil (2003)
A Putumayo World Christmas (2000)
Putumayo World Party (2007)
Raw Fiddle (2004)
Reves d'Oasis: Desert Blues 2 (2003)
Righteous Reggae Jams (1997)
Rosa de Castilla & Other Love Songs (2000)

The Rough Guides Collection (2001)
The Rough Guide to Afro-Cuba (2001)
The Rough Guide to Bellydance (2002)
The Rough Guide to English Roots Music (1998)
The Rough Guide to Gospel (2002)
The Rough Guide to Highlife (2003)
The Rough Guide to Hungarian Music (2002)
The Rough Guide to Marrabenta Mozambique (2001)
The Rough Guide to Native American Music (1999)
The Rough Guide to Paris Cafe Music (2002)
The Rough Guide to Rai (2002)
The Rough Guide to Samba (2001)
The Rough Guide to Scottish Folk (2000)
The Rough Guide to Sufi Music (2001)

The Rough Guide to the Asian Underground (2003)
The Rough Guide to the Cuban Music Story (2001)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Cape Verde (2001)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Eastern Europe (1998)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Greece (2001)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Mexico (2002)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Russia (2002)
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Alps (2002)
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Appalachians (2002)
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Balkans (2004)
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Gypsies (1999)
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Himalayas (2002)
The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales: Harps, Bards & Gwerin Sounds (2000)

Round Dance Songs Recorded Live (2002)
Rumba Flamenco (2002)
Sahara Groove (2002)
Samba Bossa Nova (2002)
Smooth Africa II: Exploring the Soul (2003)
Soffi d'ancia: Decannale del Festival "Pifferi, muse e zampogne" (2005)
Songs from the Steppes: Kazakh Music Today (2005)
Sound of the World (2005)
The Sounds of the Western Sahara: Mauritania (2004)
South Africa (2010)
The Spanish Recordings - Basque Country: Navarre (2004)
The Spanish Recordings: Extremadura (2002)
The Spanish Recordings - Mallorca: The Balearic Islands (2006)
Sufi Songs of Love: From India & Iran (2012)
A Taste of Chanukah (1999)
Territorial Airwaves (2004)
Tohono O'odham: Traditional Tohono O'odham Songs (1998)

Tradition (2001)
Traditional Music from Warm Springs (1998)
Traditional Navajo Songs (1998)
Traditional Voices: Historic Recordings of Traditional Native American Music (1998)
Tribal Meetings: Native American & Andean Flute Music (1997)
Umalali: The Garifuna Women's Project (2008)
The Very Best of Japanese Music (2004)
Voices Across the Canyon (2001)
Welcoming Children Into the World (1999)
Wizard Women of the North (1999)
Women of Africa (2004)
Women of Rembetica (2000)
Women of the World: Acoustic (2007)

World Library of Folk & Primitive Music: India (2002)
World Library of Folk & Primitive Music: Romania (2001)
World Library of Folk & Primitive Music: Yugoslavia (2001)
World Lounge (2002)
World of Gypsies, Vol. III (2003)
World Party (2007)
World Reggae (2004)
World Serenade (2000)
World 2004 (2004)
Yaqui Ritual & Festive Music (1998)
Yoga (2010)
Zaharregia, txikiegia agian (Too Old, Too Small, Maybe) (2003)
Zydeco (2000)
Zydeco: The Essential Collection (2002)

Oi Dai (1991)
Seleniko (1992)
Aitara (1995)

Feast of Silence (2004)

Spirit (1997)
Live at the Nordic Roots Festival (2001)

Zera Vaughan
Back to the Roots (2006)

"King" Naat Veliov & the Original Kocani Orkestar
Gypsy Follies (2003)

Victor & Leo
Nada es Normal (2008)

Kalinka Vulcheva
The Dobroudja Nightingale (2000)


Greg Walker
Straight from the Source 1 (2004)
Straight from the Source 2 (2006)

David Wall & Marilyn Lerner
Still Soft Voiced Heart (2001)

Runaljod - Ragnarok (2016)

Warsaw Village Band
People's Spring (2001)

Benjy Wertheimer & Michael Mandrell
Notes from Celtistan (2007)

Jim "Kimo" West
Na Lani O Maui (Maui Skies) (2011)

TerryLee Whetstone
Good Medicine (2003)

Mark White
Tunch (1997)

Willie & Lobo
Manana (2003)

self-titled (1997)
Gierran (1999)

Wind Riders
The Renaissance of the Native American Flute (2001)

Paul Winter
Icarus (1972)
Common Ground (1978)
Canyon (1985)
Concert for the Earth: Live at the UN (1985)
Wintersong (1986)
Earthbeat (1987)
Whales Alive! (1987)
Earth: Voices of a Planet (1990)
Spanish Angel (1993)
Prayer for the Wild Things (1994)
performance review (1994)
Canyon Lullaby (1997)
Celtic Solstice (1999)
Journey With the Sun (2000)
Solstice Gems (2002)

Martin Wolff
Shakti-Bhakti (2006)

Call of the Canyons (2010)

Bernard Woma, with Mark Stone & Kofi Ameyaw
In Concert (2003)

Randy Wood
Round Dance the Night Away (2002)


Hanna Yaffe
Lullabies from Jerusalem (1998)

Les Yeux Noirs
Balamouk (2002)
Live (2002)
tChorba (2005)

Yggdrasil, with Kristian Blak
The Four Towers & Heygar og Dreygar (1983-85)
Broytingar (1988)
Yggdrasil (2002)
Askur (2007)

Young Bird
Only the Strong Survive (2002)
YB Style (2003)

Mary Youngblood
Beneath the Raven Moon (2002)
Feed the Fire (2004)
Dance with the Wind (2006)

Young Elderz
Children of Rastafari (2004)

Young Grey Horse Society
Songs of the Blackfeet (1998)

Tseng Yung-Ching
Magic of the Chinese Flute (2002)

self-titled (2002)


Georghe Zampir & Friends
Folksongs from Rumania (1990)

Bob Zander
Skyline to the Sea

El Gallo Bueno (2003)

Zemog el Gallo Bueno
Cama de le Conga (2006)

Gitango (2013)

Zuco 103
Outro Lado (2000)