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Margaret Read MacDonald
Gregory Maguire
Juliet Marillier
Louise Marley
George R.R. Martin
Sophie Masson
Anne McCaffrey
Erin McCarthy
Jack McDevitt
Patricia A. McKillip
Robin McKinley
Sean McMullen
Carlton Mellick
O.R. Melling
Kai Meyer
L.A. Meyer
Christopher Moore
Lyda Morehouse
David Morrell
Billie Sue Mosiman
Walter Mosley
Pat Murphy

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general fantasy
contemporary fantasy
science fiction
young adult
short stories


Katie Macalister
Aisling Grey, Guardian #1: You Slay Me
Aisling Grey, Guardian #2: Fire Me Up
Men in Kilts

Rory Macaraeg
The Fifth Dimension

R.A. MacAvoy
Tea with the Black Dragon

Bruce Macbain
The Bull Slayer

Garasamo Maccagnone
St. John of the Midfield

Carolyn MacCullough
Once a Witch

Frank MacDonald
A Forest for Calum

George MacDonald

Margaret Read MacDonald
Fat Cat: a Danish Folktale
Fat Cat & Friends, with Richard Scholtz

Ross Macdonald
Sleeping Beauty

David Macfarlane
Summer Gone

D.J. MacHale
Pendragon #5: Black Water

Karen Macinerney
Tales of an Urban Werewolf #1: Howling at the Moon

Scott Mackay

Kathryn Mackel
The Departed

Alistair MacLeod
The Lost Salt Gift of Blood

Ian R. MacLeod
The Light Ages

James Macomber
A Grave Breach

Catherine Macphail
Dark Waters

Liam MacUistin
The Hunt for Diarmaid & Grainne

Steven E. Maffeo
The Perfect Wreck

Gregory Maguire
Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister
Wicked: The Life & Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Naguib Mahfouz
The Dreams

Julian Mahikan

Kevin Major
No Man's Land

Cutter Mallet
Chasing India

Mack Maloney
Starhawk: Battle at Zero Point
Starhawk: The Fourth Empire

David Malouf

Steven Manchester
At Best, Twelve Months

John Marco
The Devil's Armor

Tom Maremaa
Metal Heads

Juliet Marillier
Sevenwaters #1: Daughter of the Forest
Sevenwaters #2: Son of the Shadows
Sevenwaters #3: Child of the Prophecy

Louise Marley
The Child Goddess
The Glass Harmonica
The Maquisarde

Simone Maroney
Moon Child

Gabriel García Márquez
Living to Tell the Tale
Love in the Time of Cholera

Frederick Marryat
Mr. Midshipman Easy

Yann Martel
Life of Pi

George R.R. Martin
Wild Card #18: Inside Straight
Shadow Twin, with Gardner Dozois & Daniel Abraham
Song of Ice & Fire #1: A Game of Thrones
Song of Ice & Fire #2: A Clash of Kings
Song of Ice & Fire #3: A Storm of Swords
Song of Ice & Fire #4: A Feast for Crows

J. Wallis Martin
The Bird Yard

Rafe Martin

Valerie Martin
The Ghost of the Mary Celeste

William Martin
Harvard Yard

Lee Martindale, editor
Such a Pretty Face

Marzollo & Wick
I Spy: A Book of Picture Riddles

Mike Mason
The Blue Umbrella

Misty Massey
Mad Kestrel

Sophie Masson
The Firebird
The Green Prince

Elan Mastai
 All Our Wrong Todays

Alexis Masters
The Giuliana Legacy

Diane Matchek
The Sacrifice

David Matheson
Red Thunder

Jeanne Matthews
Where the Bones are Buried

L.S. Matthews
The Outcasts

Susan R. Matthews
The Devil & Deep Space
An Exchange of Hostages

Robin Maxwell
The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn

Julian May
The Boreal Moon Tale #2: Ironcrown Moon

Maxine McArthur
Less Than Human

Paul McAuley
The Secret of Life

Anne McCaffrey
Black Horses for the King
Dragonriders of Pern #1: Dragonflight
Dragonriders of Pern #2: Dragonquest
Dragonriders of Pern #3: The White Dragon
Dragon's Fire, with Todd McCaffrey
Freedom's Ransom
A Gift of Dragons
The Masterharper of Pern

Christian McCallister
Coming Full Circle: Munising to Munising

Robert McCammon
I Travel By Night

Cormac McCarthy
Child of God
The Road

Erin McCarthy
Vegas Vampires #1: High Stakes
Vegas Vampires #2: Bit the Jackpot
Vegas Vampires #3: Bled Dry
Vegas Vampires #4: Sucker Bet

Kevin McCarthy, with David Silva
Into the Darkness

Wil McCarthy
Once Upon a Galaxy, with Martin H. Greenberg & John Helfers (editors)

Geraldine McCaughrean
The Stones are Hatching

Laura McClendon
Too Many Secrets

Mardi McConnochie

Frank McCourt, et al
Yeats is Dead!

Michael McCrann
Midnight Tableau

Sharyn McCrumb
She Walks These Hills
The Songcatcher

Kelly McCullough
Ravirn #1: WebMage
Ravirn #2: Cybermancy
Ravirn #4: MythOS

Val McDermid
Beneath the Bleeding

Jack McDevitt
The Engines of God
Infinity Beach

Carole McDonnell
Wind Follower

J.D. McDonnell
The Celtic Shelf

Ian McDowell
Merlin's Gift
Mordred's Curse

Ian McEwan
The Daydreamer

Steve McGill
The Cave

Joanne L. McGonagle
The Tiniest Tiger

Patrick McGrath
Blood & Water & Other Tales

Don McGraw
Sins of a Nation

Jeremy McGuire
O'Shaughnessey: A Boy & His Leprechaun

Kevin Burton McGuire
Fire Gazer: Arson at the Wolfe House

Maureen F. McHugh
Mothers & Other Monsters

Fiona McIntosh
Percheron #2: Emissary

Katherine McIntyre
An Airship Named Desire

Vonda McIntyre, editor
Nebula Awards Showcase 2004: The Year's Best SF & Fantasy

S.D. McKee
Darkness Among the Stars #1: Defeated

Ellen Kindt McKenzie
The Golden Band of Eddris

Nancy McKenzie
The Child Queen
The High Queen

Dennis McKiernan
Once Upon a Winter's Night

Patricia A. McKillip
Alphabet of Thorn
The Bards of Bone Plain
The Book of Atrix Wolfe
Harpist in the Wind
The Heir of Sea & Fire
In the Forests of Serre
Od Magic
Ombria in Shadow
The Riddle-Master of Hed
Solstice Wood
Something Rich & Strange, illustrated by Brian Froud
The Tower at Stony Wood
Winter Rose

Robin McKinley
The Outlaws of Sherwood
Rose Daughter
Spindle's End
Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, with Peter Dickinson

Kaya McLaren
Church of the Dog

Sean McMullen
The Miocene Arrow
Souls in the Great Machine

Janet McNaughton
An Earthly Knight

Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid #1: Succubus Blues
Georgina Kincaid #2: Succubus On Top
Georgina Kincaid #3: Succubus Dreams
Georgina Kincaid #4: Succubus Heat
Vampire Academy

Phil Meade
PsiScouts 1: At Risk

John Meaney

Carlton Mellick III
The Menstruating Mall
Punk Land
Sea of the Patchwork Cats
Sex & Death in Television Town

O.R. Melling
The Druid's Tune
The Hunter's Moon
The Light-Bearer's Daughter
The Summer King

Richard Melo
Jokerman 8

Colin Meloy
The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I: Wildwood

Henry Melton
Roswell or Bust!

Brad Meltzer
The Millionaires (audiobook)
The Zero Game (audiobook)

R.M. Meluch
Tour of the Merrimack, #1: The Myriad

Sienna Mercer
My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched
My Sister the Vampire #4: Vampalicious!

Peter Meredith
The Punished

C.J. Merle
Of Honor & Treason

Elizabeth Merrick, editor
This is Not Chick Lit: Original Stories by America's Best Women Writers

Kai Meyer
Dark Reflections #1: The Water Mirror
Dark Reflections #2: The Stone Light
The Wave Walkers #2: Pirate Emperor

L.A. Meyer
Jacky Faber #1: Bloody Jack
Jacky Faber #2: Curse of the Blue Tattoo
Jacky Faber #3: Under the Jolly Roger
Jacky Faber #4: In the Belly of the Bloodhound
Jacky Faber #5: Mississippi Jack
Jacky Faber #6: My Bonny Light Horseman
Jacky Faber #7: Rapture of the Deep
Jacky Faber #8: The Wake of the Lorelei Lee
Jacky Faber #9: The Mark of the Golden Dragon
Jacky Faber #10: Viva Jacquelina!
Jacky Faber #11: Boston Jacky
Jacky Faber #12: Wild Rover No More

Stephenie Meyer
Twilight #1: Twilight
Twilight #2: New Moon
Twilight #4: Breaking Dawn

Twm Miall
Cyw Haul

David Michael
The Summoning Fire

Melisa Michaels
Sister to the Rain

G.S. Michelsen
The Veil of Light

Sarah Micklem

China Mieville
Perdido Street Station
The Scar

D. Mikels
The Reckoning

Rosemary & Larry Mild
Death Goes Postal: A Dan & Rivka Sherman Mystery
Death Takes a Mistress: A Dan & Rivka Sherman Mystery

J.L. Miles
Divorcing Dwayne

Kate Milford
The Boneshaker

Deanna Miller
Sky Bounce

Jonna L. Miller
Haunting for Time

Keith Miller
The Book of Flying
The Book on Fire

Mary Beth Miller
On the Head of a Pin

Ron Miller
Bradamant: The Iron Tempest
Bradamant: The Iron Tempest (audiobook)

Wade Miller
Devil on Two Sticks
The Killer

Steven Millhauser
Enchanted Night

Dana Kamal Mills
Beirut in Shades of Grey

Magnus Mills
The Restraint of Beasts

Stuart W. Mirsky
The King of Vinland's Saga

Mark Misercola
Death to the Centurion

Bob Mitchell
Match Made in Heaven

Stephen Mitchell
The Frog Prince: A Fairy Tale for Consenting Adults

Syne Mitchell
The Changeling Plague

Naomi Mitchison
Travel Light

Brent Monahan
The Jekyl Island Club: A Novel

Sarah Monette
The Virtu

Alexandra Monir

Elizabeth E. & Thomas F. Monteleone, editors
From the Borderlands: Stories of Terror & Madness

Craig Moodie
A Sailor's Valentine
Salt Luck

Elizabeth Moon
Engaging the Enemy

Perry Moor

Michael Moorcock
The Dreamthief's Daughter: A Tale of the Albino
The Lives & Times of Jerry Cornelius: Stories of the Comic Apocalypse

Alan Moore
Voice of the Fire

Christopher Moore
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
Coyote Blue
A Dirty Job
Island of the Sequined Love Nun
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
Practical Demonkeeping
The Stupidest Angel
You Suck

James A. Moore
Under the Over Tree

Liz Moore
The Words of Every Song

Mark Moorstein
Red Reflections

Thomas Moran
Water, Carry Me: A Love Story

Lance & James Morcan
The Ninth Orphan

Lyda Morehouse
Apocalypse Array
Fallen Host
Messiah Node

J.P. Morgan
The Copper Indian

Chris Moriarty
Spin State
Spin Control

David Morrell
Long Lost (audiobook)
The Protector

John Morressy
The Juggler

Tom Morrisey
In High Places

James Morrow
Bible Stories For Adults
Only Begotten Daughter

Lisa Morton

Mike Moscoe
Battletech/MechWarrior: Patriot's Stand

Billie Sue Mosiman
Craven Moon
Malachi's Moon
Red Moon Rising

Walter Mosley
Fear Itself (audiobook)
Little Scarlet (audiobook)
The Man in My Basement
The Man in My Basement (audiobook)

Kate Mosse

Natasha Mostert

Andrew Motion
Silver: Return to Treasure Island

A.S. Mott
Gothic Ghost Stories: Tales of Intrigue & Fantasy from Beyond the Grave
Haunting Fireside Stories

Abdelrahman Munif
Cities of Salt

Haruki Murakami
After Dark

Catherine Gilbert Murdock
Wisdom's Kiss

Maria Murnane
Perfect on Paper: The (Mis) Adventures of Waverly Bryson

C.E. Murphy
Baba Yaga's Daughter & Other Tales of the Old Races
Walker Papers #1: Urban Shaman
Walker Papers #6: Spirit Dances

Pat Murphy
Adventures in Time & Space With Max Merriwell
There & Back Again: by Max Merriwell
Wild Angel

Yxta Maya Murray
Red Lion #2: The King's Gold

Vasudev Murthy
Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Japan
Sherlock Holmes, The Missing Years: Timbuktu

Justine Musk

Beverle Graves Myers
Whispers of Vivaldi: A Tito Amato Mystery

Bill Myers
Soul Tracker

Mitch Myers
The Boy Who Cried Freebird: Rock & Roll Fables & Sonic Storytelling